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Rotary Boy
yesterday I made it o the site of the homebrew rally I was to compete in.
ready to do battle with anyone and everything I came prepared. with nomex as my shining armor and a 5.0 mustang as my fathfull rally steed I prepared to wage war on my oponents. and it seemed as if I was ready to dominate. within the first 3 miles I was in the front pack of cars. in eye contact with the car in second and not far from the pole car, and this is the way it was, through blind turns and six foot leaps of faith it seemed as if I was going to atleast finish respectivly. well the first stage ended after a greuling 13 miles of racing, and a then there was the sleep time between stage 1 and 2. at seven in the morning everyone was to race again(i doubt anyone slept). and again it seemed as if I was to at least finish with some pride, and with alittle luck maybe even pride and money. however this was not to be, why? take note as I walk you through the last seconds of one mustangs life

we were flying up a slight hill, which the notes we had illegaly gathered told us was going to have a turn at the top of. no sweat, I throw the car sideways and am perfectly set up to fly out of the turn. upon gaining speed i relise I am outstandingly close to the 323GTX in front of me, I begin getting worked up. driving alittle faster than I should to try and pass him, just as i tear around him I need to slow down. however I am carring to much speed to slow down successfully, I enter a sharp left hander way to fast and barly pull out of it with a car beneath me. bouncing and skittering across rocks and ruts I can almost hear my freind adam screaming at me to slow down, doesn't he relise we have a car on our tail!

unfortunatly there are times when you must heed the screaming asian guys warnings, one of these times is when flying down a small hill. with far to much momentum I come upon a bump, a crest, a small rise, call it what you will but when we were doing our late night run through it didn't seem so threatening. now it is a dark satanic speedbump placed in my way by a higher power that must not like me. I hit it going about 60, heaving the car into the air, I would have been fine if it were not for the what the backwheels landed in. a rut, running perpendicular to the shady dirt road, maybe it was 6 inches deep and a few feet wide, not enough to cause damage right? wrong, the backend landed in it and the poor mustang rally car bottomed out in a way no other car has bottomed out ever.why such a massive gut sweep? because this rut had a bigass stone imbedded in it, not to bad to drive over, but horrible to land on. driveshaft?-gone, rear axle?-gone, both rear rims?-gone, suspension-gone, the skidplate?-dented up into underside of car so violently as to lay waste to the drive shaft, the transmition and possibly the oil pan(unsure of salvageablity) also when we landed the engine just turned off completly and the battery tray,and the mounting for the alternator broke. oh yeah the frame might be bent alittle(hatch and drivers side door will not open or close very easily) in fact the force of the landing was so bad that the whole rear end nearly detached from the car.

but hey the good news is this, for 17.4 miles I was holding my own in a 2 wheel drive torque monster that can hardly manage in the rain, let alone dirt and mud. and not only was I managing but I was keeping up with a severly hopped up 323GTX, but also a turbo 2.5rs driven by a scca rally-cross regional runner up. sure I destroyed a 5,000 dollar car and majorly bruised the tops of my legs(from steering wheel), but I had fun, and really thats more the point than winning.

Sia Bani
Wow. Now that's excitement. Just reading that made me want to be the screaming asian guy, if not you! It sucks how you crashed and ruined the stang, but that sounds like so much fun.

And 2wd in the torque monster, keeping up with the leaders, amazing..

Rotary Boy
it was so much fun. the relization that me and adams joint mustang beater is dead is begining to sink in, but we both agree that it was worth it. the funny thing is that our crash landing wasn't the worst of the weekend. in stage one a guy in a 1G talon went flying over a hill about a 1 mile into the stage. he was right behind us and adam saw the landing the the rear view. swears he was 12 feet in the air, his car is totally unsalvagable. another 323gtx owned by the same guy who came in second also lost it in the same place we did, but he ruptured his gastank(no fire) and completly tore the rear end off the car, he was right behind me and the other 323gtx most of the rally too. so after he ended up in the same place as us him and his copilot and me and adam sat around and played cards until the last car limped past us and the sweep truck showed up. then adam had to use his F-350 to haul the sweep truck out of mud.

yeah I did really good for being in a 2WD car, but no amount of drivewheels can save you from overagressivness(which is what got us out of the race and out of the car). if I hadn't done that illegal run through the night before I almost certainly would have crashed at the blind hill/turn combo that i mentioned in the post. I would say the run through moved my position up 3 places from what it could have been if I had been as equally unprepared as everyone else.

Pennzoil GT-R
sounds pretty cool

more important to have fun... if you are a rich sob and can blow 5g's on a car, I make $3,200 a year, I cant afford to buy shoes and good much less a fast car to trash.

and that mustang is certanly broken

an update on the poor thing though, it runs, needs a new tranny, drive shaft, alternator and rear axel but thats it, not to bad considering what i hear they landed in. also needs a new rear windsheild, i was trying to get the damn hatch to shut and when i slamed it, the window shattered,ooops, yeah dumb move on my part, then I got chased around the shop with a tire iron(but only in jest)

SLP Addict
HAAHAH, our back winshield broke out because it was like 115 outside!

cause of heat? I have heard of them breaking in the old, happens alot here in the spring, we have one ultra cold day, then a weird fluke hot day then a freezing col day again. with big temp drops it can break glass.

SLP Addict
Well im in TX, so its REAL damn hot, and then you add in thje index, and everything!, If you rollerblade and dont move the wheels around, they will melt to 1 side!

Rotary Boy
good work on the car man

I got to work the other day and apple_jacks was alreayd there sitting in the shop working on hammering the oilpan back out and trying to see if the tranny was salvagable, he's quite helpfull.

SLP Addict
GIVE HIM A PAYCUT~, then post about it!