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any1 here thinks that this is the coolest headunit in terms of design (not that perfect in sound though), should I buy it 4 my future car???
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Sia Bani
give us some picks or links. I want to see this!


Sia Bani
Originally posted by Enigma,1429,32409,00.html

that's really cool. I have a simple "special fit" cd player. Just wanted it to look stock from the outside.

SLP Addict
Thats pretty tite, to damn exspensive

Here's mine, Clarion DB325.

Really good bang for buck, cost me 260 CDN. Great source unit.

And enigma, although you may be quite rich, spending 900 bucks on a head unit is plain retarded. It just isn't worth it unless you're running many subs and want crystal clear quality at inaudible levels of sound.