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Sia Bani
OK guys, remember how my car was broken into twice last semester? Well the idiot only managed to permanently damage my amp by breaking an rca in the connection of the amp.

So, I am seriously in need of some base. I have a jlaudio w3, and I don't "bump" anymore. I like bass for the sound quality.

Also, I want to replace my stock speakers, for they are sounding like crap to me now. I've got components in the front, 6x9s or 5x7s in the back. I want to convert the rears.

So I am in need of decent quality speakers, and amp that will power my w3 and the speakers...

I don't want to go all out crazy...just better sound quality while keeping it relatively cheap.

Sarah recommended her pioneers, tsa or something.

How much and what do you recommend?

Sia Bani
Thanks for the advice. Please remember, I don't want to spend a lot. And what about the mids and highs (not just the amp)?

Sia Bani
Cool. So anyone know any websites where I can get a really good discount?

Sia Bani
Ya, that's what I did when I bought my amp the first time. I'm just too lazy to research all this again, so I was hoping for an easy way out by having you recommend a super cheap site.

Sia Bani

Do you guys think this is a good deal? Also, would I be able to connect this to my subwoofer for half the wattage, and then use the other half for all 4 mids/high speakers I have?

SLP Addict
Ive got a set of MTX 12's, and a friend has hte same ones with 2 MTX amps, 400 watt a piece, get a 1k watt MTX for each sub, and another 1k for crossover to the speakers

Try a comparison shop place and compare them to crutchfield prices and that sort of thing.

Stereo shops often give decent discounts as well.

I had a couple pairs of 6 inch Infinity's in my Camaro, sounded very crisp and clean. They had the tweeter mounted on the mid. Pretty nice for the price.


I don't know how much but i've always gone with Boston Acoustic mids and highs, with JLs for the bass and a Lightning Audio amp.

i've never been displeased by pioneer speakers and lanzar amps... but then again, i'm only after speed, not sound *shrug*

It's a good deal considering retail price, but the difference between a 300 dollar amp and a 700 dollar amp is undetectable to those who aren't total audiophiles.

Sia Bani
I'm not powering only one woofer; I want to power speakers with it as well. I have a very keen ear, so I could be considered an audiophile, but I do not have the time to become obsessed with anything more right now, so "car audio enthusiasm" is out of the question right now.

I dunno much about in car entertainment. But i think what you want is the bi-amps. Amps that power the subs and the speakers in the car.
I'm POSTIVE you can buy those at ANY provider. Yu can also juist search online for popular amps too.

Sia Bani
Thanks goku. I know that, but all I'm asking you guys is for any sites you know that provide them cheap... and how much wattage you'd recommend for four mid-quality speakers..

Look for RMS wattage, not peak. You'd be surprised how little you need.

Sony offers fuckin shitty Xplod amps with like 1000 amps but they sound like crap.

Sia Bani
Blake, do you know of any good sites to purchase amps from?

I'd say Crutchfield for no bullshit, honest answers. It quotes everything in RMS power, not peak and has decent prices.

here's a list of multi-channel amps, find one that you want and are willing to pay for, then hit the streets to see what you can get it for. Car stereos are a very weird business, things rarely sell for retail if ever. Best idea from me would be to do some research then some footwork. If the web is your best deal hit that up.

Sia Bani
Thanks, but guys.. I KNOW about all the basics! I heavily researched amps when I was 16...i've been out of the loop for 4 years, so I don't know much about mid and high range speakers! I don't want to sound like an ass, but...

Crutchfield for research, then hit up the places where they're cheap!

Now all I need to know is where places are cheap!

That'll require some footwork dude. Using a particular model on a search engine should give you a pretty good eye on how much it'll be.

I know it's stolen stereo paradise, but have you looked on eBay?

Sia Bani
Yes, read a few posts above, I was considering buying a 750 watt fosgate amp.

Oh yeah.

But do you really need that and will you notice a significant difference in sound with an amp that costs less. Cause that's friggin expensive!

Sia Bani
Ok, this is what I'm considering getting from ebay.

Now, here are a couple of issues i know nothing about. If I'm going to be powering a woofer with 375 watts, and the other 4 speakers with 375watts, would I be able to have low pass for the woofer, and high for the speakers? How would that work?

Sia Bani
OK! I found what I need

I need a 5 channel amp, one solely for the woofer, and 4 for teh speakers. I am probably going to get the alpine or the kicker. My friend who knows his shit said that they're both great deals, so I'm waiting for a response about warranty from each seller.

Now I gotta find some mid and high range speakers.

Sia Bani
guys, I'm going to get this. It comes with a bass remote as well. And kicker is high quality for amps and woofers.

The guy who's selling it has a rating of 5500! He has teh speakers i need too, so I'll be getting a GREAT deal!

Sia Bani
Ok, I've found my amp. I've found my front components...but here we have a problem.

my stock rears are 4x10s!?!?! Why or why did chevy have to skimp out on everything? Now I have to figure out if I can find conversion plates...but I doubt they exist for what speaker is only 4 inches in diameter at minimum? I guess I'm going to have to put some pos 4x10s in there.

Welcome to the world of stock stereo equipment.

Any decent stereo shop can make the proper...uh...accomodations. I put the largest speakers in my Tercel as I could, sadly 6.5s in the back and 4.5s in the front. I didn't want to cut any metal at all.

Zapco, PG, PPI, and JL amps are great, or at least good. As for speakers, PPI carbon fibers are great, they dont sound tinny and they're light & stiff, so the response is as good as aluminum or Ti cones, and they don't muddy the sound like IMPP cones can. For mid level though, anything will work if its from a decent brand, I just use PPI myself so its what I know, Pioneer, Kenwood, etc etc all work well, but using good wires and keeping them from interference sources is just as important, run power lines on the left and signal on the right, or vice versa.

Sia Bani
Guys, I got a crazy deal. All from a legit shop in Hayward...cheaper than ebay prices, installed, and under warranty.

My temporary amp till I get the one I actually ordered:

It's temporary because I wanted a bass control knob and the kicker I wanted was out of stock. So the guy wrote it on my receipt that he would do the swap for free when I bring up my woofer so they can set my gains, etc.

My kicker amp in a month:

My 2 front components:

My rears (yes 4x10) but they're the best 4x10s on the market, and the owner of the store actually recommended me just getting these rather than doing a custom job (which would make him more dough).

Sia Bani
Anyone know what you should set the crossover frequency on the amp for of the front components? How about the rear 4x10s?

Oh, fuck.

Look on some manufacturer/enthusiast websites for in-depth stuff like that.

Sia Bani
I've tried the manufacturer stuff...and crutchfield's "detailed specs". All they say is that the speakers can do either from 40hz-20khz or 50-200, etc.

I'll try some enthusiast pages now. Thanks. Oh, and don't worry. The guy told me it should be at 120, but I want it to have a little more bass until I put my woofer back in, i just don't know how low I can go without damage.

Sia Bani
Well, ok. It's all about experience I guess :D. I've figured it out. Since the speakers are amp'd and I told them I will be putting in my woofer soon, they put the components and rears in high pass, and that's why it sounded strange. I turned off the amps crossover for the front components, so it will sound good until I put in the woofer, and then I guess I could change them back to highpass, and adjust the frequency from there.

Check out this website..
Pretty good prices for what I've looked at..
But be careful I know nothing about u gotta check them out first. Let me know what you think about it..

Alpine owns..<-- hence the screenname :woowoo:
Go with Alpine.

Sia Bani
Seriously. Those are some pretty good prices! Not as good as the stereo shop I purchased my stuff from, but definately a place to use to bargain prices with!