View Thread: Swedish Rallye Results!

Here are the results of the 2003 Swedish Rallye:

1. Marcus GRÖNHOLM 10 Pts

2. Tommi MÄKINEN 8 Pts

3. Richard BURNS 6 Pts

4. Markko MÄRTIN 5 Pts

5. Colin MCRAE 4 Pts

6. Petter SOLBERG 3 Pts

7. Sébastien LOEB 2 Pts


As you can see, Peugeot ran 1st and 3rd, wooo hooo!

Check out this crash that happened during Day 2: kind of scary if you ask me. Only one stage was cancelled, that was SS5 due to a wreck. I think the shootout of the year is going to be Citreon against Peugeot, it's a little early to say that but both are very good teams, and their points standings are very close. The next Rallye is the Turkish Rallye 27th Feb - 2nd March. I can't wait. :D

eric rxb
Makinen came in second

Subaru's go :woowoo:

Yeah I was surprised about that, as much as I don't like Makinen, I'm glad Subaru got soem constructor's points and it's good to see those cars beating some ass.

eric rxb
Yea I'm actually not really a huge fan of him either, but I love the subaru.

I think they should trade him off to Skoda, he'd be PERFECT there. ;)

did anyone watch the vid of makinen in the scoob?

it sounds soooooo nice.........
i agree subarus go :woowoo:

Good thing that Makinen's getting back into the groove.

I'm still not used to Makinen with Subie, I mean he had his own EVO version after all :D

I'm glad to see a couple of Subaru drivers in the top 10. I like Solberg, I think he's a good up-and-coming star.

Peugeot baby! Subaru's team is doing better than I would of figured and Solberg seems like a good enough guy.

87 Supra Turbo
Petter Solberg and Markko Martin really seem like the future stars in WRC. Since I'm a Subaru fan I'm glad that their doing pretty well this year.

isn't Markko on Ford? i might just be too tired and stressed tho

87 Supra Turbo
Martin is with Ford, I was just stating that I'm glad Subaru is doing well.

no i wasn't trying to be a dick, i wasnt sure.

eric rxb
We know you weren't trying, it's in your nature
:D (kidding)

Damnit i've been found out, was it THAT obvious? (that there is a rhetorical question too smartasses :D)

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Can ya feel the love in this place?

My heart explodes with kindness towards all.