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I kinda like the design at least.:)

GM to sell Korean-made small car in U.S., sources say

Reuters / February 07, 2003


DETROIT - General Motors is expected to debut at auto shows next week a South Korean-made Chevrolet car to be sold in North America, the No. 1 automaker's latest venture to compete against low-priced Asian imports, sources familiar with the plans said on Thursday.

The move should bolster GM's weak small car sales, but risks hurting relations with North America automotive labor unions and Daewoo's former U.S. dealers, who were left without a car to sell when Daewoo folded U.S. operations last year.

The Chevrolet subcompact car, a version of the Daewoo Kalos hatchback sold in Asia and Europe, will be shown at the Chicago and Toronto auto shows, the sources said.

The car will be manufactured in South Korea at GM Daewoo Automotive & Technology (GMDAT), the new company controlled by GM that was formed late last year from many of the assets of the bankrupt automaker Daewoo Motors.

"(There's) nothing we can announce at this point," Chevrolet spokesman Tom Wilkinson told Reuters. He declined to comment further.

Suzuki Motor Corp. also is expected to announce plans to sell two cars in North America made by GMDAT under the Suzuki nameplate later this year. Suzuki has a 15 percent stake in GMDAT.

South Korean automakers Hyundai Motor Co. Ltd. and Kia Motors Corp. are among the fastest-growing automakers in the United States, gaining market share at the expense of the U.S. automakers with their low-priced offerings.

Once dismissed by American automakers as little better than used cars, the two Korean automakers have improved their quality and grown in recent years by undercutting their competitors to command a substantial share of the U.S. market.

Bill Lovejoy, GM's former head of North American vehicle sales, service and marketing, told reporters in October that GM's most challenging competition comes from Korea. A weak Korean currency and a low-cost manufacturing base allow Korean automakers to offer lower prices and extended warranties that are expensive to match, he said.


Hyundai sold 375,119 vehicles in the United States last year, more than its more established and better known competitors such as Volkswagen AG, Mitsubishi Motors Corp. and Mazda Motor Corp. Kia sold 237,345 vehicles in the United States last year.

"We've got a strategy for the low end of the market," Gary Cowger, president of GM North America, told Reuters when asked about selling a South Korean car last week.

Referring to GM's new "Delta" group of small cars to be manufactured in the United States, Cowger said; "Delta is a part of that strategy, but there are other opportunities to do other things at the low end of the market."

Cowger did not elaborate, but GM may also be laying the groundwork to compete against Toyota Motor Corp.'s new Scion brand, to be launched later this year with two small vehicles targeted at young buyers, said Jeff Schuster, head of North American forecasting with J.D. Power and Associates.

"I suspect they're trying to cut off that angle as well," Schuster said.

He said the South Korean-made Chevrolet, which may go on sale later this year, could be priced at around $10,000, far below the price of any current Chevrolet sold in the United States.

Chevrolet's current lowest priced model, the aging Cavalier coupe, retails for $14,595 in the United States, although consumers can often buy it for $2,000 or $3,000 less with incentives.


GM's plan to beat the Koreans at their own game angers some former Daewoo dealers. When GM finalized a deal last fall to buy a 42 percent stake in the former Daewoo Motors for $251 million, they passed up several assets, including the U.S. sales arm, leaving 525 Daewoo dealers without any Korean-made cars to sell.

"I think it stinks," said Rick Varley, who used to run a Daewoo dealership in Pennsylvania and served as the co-chairman of Daewoo's dealer advisory council.

ummm, that car will succeed like yoko onos singing career, :fyi:

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it could do well in europe. but not in the US. too small

Originally posted by Pennzoil GT-R
it could do well in europe. but not in the US. too small

Wonder how the Toyota/Scion ccX will do.

it looks like a suzuki.. with the suziki aerio and the toyota matrix here in the US. and the PT cruiser... small cars like these cud make it.

I don't think the US bigger-is-better mentality will make it suceed, but if they market it in the range that the Metro was in, then it's another econobox that will probably sell.

I fear Chevy will butcher the design in that photo and give the cars 12 inch truck-looking rims with meaty tires.:tongue:


Daewoo Motor Benelux, importer for The Netherlands and Belgium, has announced that in 2003 it will start a brand cup with the recently introduced Daewoo Kalos. Scheduled are four events in The Netherlands and four in Belgium. For the Kalos, with a new 1.4 liter sixteen valve engine, tuning company Biesheuvel Autosport has developed a special rally kit.

Pieter Stokman, Public Relations Manager at Daewoo Motor Benelux: "The Kalos Rally Challenge will be set up in cooperation with our Belgium Daewoo counterpart. With this brand cup Deawoo would like to emphasize the fact that this car can hold it's ground in competitive rallying."

With the hallmark, that team only need relative low budget to compete in rallying, completely in line with Deawoo's brand characteristics: good value for money. Second to that we would like to reach out and address a younger audience.

Especially for the Kalos widely known carsportcentre Biesheuvel Autosport from Nieuwendijk has developed a custom rally kit, which transforms the car into a complete turnkey package. In rally trim the 1.4 liter engine produces a sound 110 hp, while the 5-speed gearbox will exhibit a sporty character. Furthermore the car will be equipped with numerous safety features including a FIA sanctioned safety cage. For the Kalos Proflex has developed custom shocks. Tuner Biesheuvel Autosport: "Those dampers provide the car primarily with excellent road holding, additionally they take care of related suspension stress. In this way running costs are reduced to a minimum.

Challenge coordinator Ad Janssen: "With the Kalos Rally Challenge rally sport will welcome available for more teams who only have access to limited means. Furthermore it will stimulate infighting and enhance overall competitiveness. A number of companies have pledged to support the Kalos Rally Challenge. The Kalos Rally Challenge will be presented to the public at the Biesheuvel Autosport stand at the Speed & Design exhibition to be held November 28th - December 1st at the Jaarbeurs exhibition center in Utrecht. Entry forms will be available there.

Participants to the Deawoo rally competition, can rely on a central Daewoo Hospitality Unit during each of the vents, while the organizers have the intention to stimulate participation by refunding part of the entry fees.

Do you know if this is the new WRC team coming or if it will be in a different league?

That would actually be a potentially competitive rally car. Right now the "little" cars are pretty dominant (Peugot in particular).

I don't really like the pic up top from the rear. The front looks cool, kind of gives off a little bit of GTI vibe.

Yeah it looks like his ass is in the air.

Originally posted by masestylez
Do you know if this is the new WRC team coming or if it will be in a different league?

I think its in its own class -- like Minis racing against each other. Inexpensive rally fun.

Originally posted by masestylez
Yeah it looks like his ass is in the air.

Yeah, that unpainted black plastic in the rear below the bumper has that effect. :bootyshak

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man that has got to be the ugliest car ive ever seen....but i also thought the honda hybrids were ugly and no one would buy them...but ive seen quite a few around where i live...whats wrong with these people? lol

I had a good look at these cars and sat in one at the 2003 Melbourne International Motor Show, Australia. I have to say, I was very impressed with the quality inside of them!! Probably the best of any Korean car so far!! At least this will put GM Daewoo on the right track!!