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Mazda 3

Very interesting. I'd like to see some more pics. Very Protogesque from the front. So I guess Mazda is going to do a 3,6,9 kinda thing eh? Haven't actually heard of there being a 9 but it would make sense since they will potentially come out with something larger than the 6.

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They have been waving this thing around for awhile haven they?, And they used to have a 9, but i guess there bringing it back, same with the 3.

eric rxb
It really doesnt look that different from the Protege at all.

Millenia replacement would probably be the 9.

And that doesn't look a whole lot different. Then again, it's just the front.

I always thought a 929 would be a fun car to have.

Mazda will show a 3 preview in Geneva called the MX Sportif.

Me likey!:D

First make a Mazdaspeed 3, then it'll turn some heads.

Dude, I think the yellow car you've got pictured is the Mazda 2?? It's a small 5dr hatch, smaller then the Protege/Astina and is sold in most parts of the world, but North America, as it's considered too small for that market. The Mazda 2 is the successor to the Mazda 121/Demio/Metro. You guys did see the 121 platform over there, but it was dressed up as the Ford Festiva/Aspire.