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i can't take this. Teh dream Car that got me so into Nissan Imports is being sold. One helluva sweet car. check it out

my tears go:woowoo:

It's pretty Rice-tackular.
The color is terrible. I've seen more riced out cars, but this one is still pretty bad. I wouldn't really want to drive anything that has been in Import Tuner. That magazine is terrible, its a total rag.

I would rather have a more "conservative" body kit and that's just a LOT of gold. But overall, not a bad looking car!

have u seen the car in import mag? It looks preety sweet to me. But thats just me.

Etither way i just love that car:humpy: :humpy:

I've seen it. It's a pretty well done sr20det swap, but it goes against one of the main reasons that I like Silvia's. IT"S LOUD, and we're talking SLP Addict loud. (j/k) Silvia's are good looking, but not that attention getting. Sleeper appeal.

sr20det's go :woowoo:

Sia Bani

man that body kit looks awesome, it could do with out the supra tails('99 efini Rx-7 tails would be tight!) but it is still a fuckin clean car. And just like with blanca(R.I.P.) no one will respect that car and they will think it is all show and no go, then the fucker driving it will teach them a thing or two.

SR20's rock

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Nice to see your back eric, i think it couldve gone with a nicer kit and different tails, or even, all stock looking!

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This car would rule if they left out the Supra lights and that gold color. I saw one very similar to this on HiRev Tuners once, but it was a very sexy maroon color.

PS. I moved this thread since I'm pretty sure nobody here is considering buying it.

I agree with the gold color thing, and Import Tuner is a piece of shit magazine, but the girls. DAMN

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i ahve a import tuner as a liner for my dragon cage right now :woowoo: