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Sia Bani
Now this is fun. Here's the pm he sent me.

Rotary Boy wrote on 10-11-2002 12:54 PM:
this weekend I am heading off to the track, racing a 4 year old formula mazda in a open session, race anything you want, lapping competition held by the local porsche car club. then I have to drive out to howel to attend an unofficial ameature rally (racing on some ones property on a 2 stage 21.5 mile course with a $2000 payout to the winner) I however have a trump card, the owner of the property that we will be racing on is the uncle of my cousins girlfriend( she nabbed the key to the gates and got them copied), we are heading out there tonight to take a real quick run through while being as silent as we can. (thats why I am leaving tonight not tomorrow morning) i have to get out to howel tonight, do a silent late night run through, then drive all night back to mead, do any minor adjustments needed on the little star mazda, then sleep. then wake up at 7:45 in the morning to get ready, take two warm up laps then race. then after I get done with the mazda I have to hoof it back to howel, run the car through it's checklist, make sure nothing is gonna break, and then go rallying and make sure I don't loose my money.

should have pictures, wish me luck

see ya tuesday

sounds like fun. I wish I had that kind of money and time. :(


One day...

SLP Addict
Sounds like fun!, wish i could do it