View Thread: going for some test drives--any recommendations?

So I'm taking my gf's mom out to test drive some new cars this friday. These will most likely be sedans. I was planning on the new Mazda 6, maybe the accord, possibly the Legacy. But I guess she's now said she'd like to test drive a BMW (she easily has the $, but was sounding cheap before this), so it sounds like the ante has been upped, as it were. So now I'm thinking maybe throw in a Mercedes, Volvo, etc. (I doubt she'll get TOO nuts--probably not more than in the $40k's I'd guess) Anything I'm not thinking of? I'd take her to look at an infiniti, but there are no local dealers, which is true of Acura as well. And the new Maxima isn't out yet, correct? Anything I'm not thinking of?

Oh, she's driven Pontiac's for years now because her uncle owned a dealership, but he recently retired and sold out, so she's looking for something different.


Yeah, I'd say a fully loaded A4 would fit into her price range nicely with room to spare. Maybe even an A6.

She had originally mentioned Audi's, but had gone silent on that lately, so I had sort of forgotten about them. Good call. The dealer I got my Jetta from before my wrx sold both Mercedes and Audi's as well, so it'll be easy to hit both while there. Maybe I'll see if I can take a 911 out while I'm there...hehehe

Don't forget the Volvo S60 and the Saab 9-3. I drove both of 'em and I have to say that I was favorably impressed by both. More so by the Volvo S60 T5 than the others though......Ad far as fit and finish go, I think they are every bit as nice as the MB though I think Audi stil has the nicest interiors...

Yeah, I really want her to try out the volvo too. Guess we'll see. Personally, though, I'm betting she goes for 6 or something, since I can't her her shelling out for the car, but we'll see. If I had her money, I'd have to build a separate garage to hold all my vehicles...but she just doesn't seem to like to spend on cars. I like to think its my influence to some degree that has made her broaden her horizons... :D

The Volvo wasn't all that expensive...esp if she goes for a 2002 model. The local dealer around here that I almost bought from was offering around 6-8K off sticker for the '02s. That included the T5's and brought some of them down to around 28-29. Also, you can get a very nicely appointed Saab for around 28-29K.

whatabout an optioned-out altima..............or the newest maxima (not 2k4)..........althouugh if she waited the maxima comin out is worth waiting for :drive: the newest motor trend, it beats the audi hands down in basically all categories cept for braking distance...

but man is it ugly

Acura TL's might Front Drive, but if she's looking for a good dead reliable luxury car, she might want to test drive it


I was thinking Lexus as well

I'll second Dreamn's TL recommendation. I used to drive a 2001 3.2 CL before I traded it for my Z. A great car, still brings a tear to my eye when I see one on the road. For the price you can't get a better combo of luxury, performance and reliability. I never drove one, but I hear the S Type is the way to go.....

No infiniti, acura or lexus dealers around nearby, alas. Thanks for the suggestions though.

Damn....livin' in one of those high falootin' areas huh? :fro:

I like to refer to it as "east Buttfuck" or "where the men are men, the women are too, and the sheep are nervous..."

I'm assuming they think there just isn't a market, or something. Although like I said we do have Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, Volvo, etc dealerships. Just for some reason not the high end japanese companies. Have to go 1 1/2 or 2 hours to find those.

On a related note--did you see in the new C&D I think it was that one little blurb where they said the new Scion dealerships would be opening later this year on the east coast and south (already in the west?), but that there were apparently NO plans to open any in the midwest, because presumably they would likely "never be sophisticated enough" or something to that affect. Kind of funny...

Scubie...Where in NY? Interesting there would be no Japanses luxury dealers but a slew of European.....