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Here ( is MSN's list of the 10 oddest car names ever. It's an OK list, although i'm sure there are better ones. Any that spring to mind?


Not the worst, but not the best either:

prelˇude [ prél yd, práy ld ]
noun (plural prelˇudes)

1. music introductory piece of music: a piece of music that introduces or precedes another one

2. music free-standing piece of music: a short musical composition, often one for piano, and often forming part of a set of such works

3. introductory event or occurrence: an event or action that introduces or precedes something else, especially something longer and more important.

Haha, there was always something better than a Prelude just around the corner. ;) (J/K of course :D)

hehe, based on the definition, that's exactly right! Honda always used it as a proving ground for new technology. Now it's gone and some of that tech is going to benefit other cars. So it's kinda true!

I still want a 4WS Prelude. mmm

Kinda neat, I agree. It was kind of heavy though.

Yeah and the base Preludes of that gen were on the fatass side already if I remember right.

Nova="no go"

Chevy Citation, my dad had one when I was younger. Who names a car after something you don't want to get while you are driving?

I would never name my car Bocephus. That's too odd.


corˇvette ( P ) (kôr-vt)
1) A fast, lightly armed warship, smaller than a destroyer, often armed for antisubmarine operations.
2) An obsolete sailing warship, smaller than a frigate, usually armed with one tier of guns.

I remember my shop teacher saying that they had a prototype with the name Impact

Did a search, but couldn't find anything - wonder if it was true.

Sia Bani
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I think Lake Tahoe is good enough for the definition. Anyone know what tahoe means in native american?

Woman who sleeps around indiscriminately? :fro:

Originally posted by Sia Bani
I think Lake Tahoe is good enough for the definition. Anyone know what tahoe means in native american?


i'm cherokee indian... and i don't know what it means in cherokee...

not to be mean, but i hope you know that there is more then just one tribe of native american idians, right? hardly any of them spoke the same language, and that is why they all weren't Aztec, Cherokee, Comanche, or whatever... civilizations differed due to the written and spoken languages, despite most of their obvious similarities