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Rotary Boy
what race track hold the highest honor in your heart?

what racetrack would you most enjoy a few hundred laps of fun at?

what track gets the honor of your personal favorite, why?

well I thought this up as I beat the GT3 time trial for complex string a few minutes ago (my memory card was lost, and so I am completly redoing the game, already 81% percent finished, with all golds in beginner and ameatur leagues)

personally, If I ever won the huge lotto(like more money than anybody but M.C. hammer could ever spend) I think i would have complex string built for me in the real world, what an awesome track, if you are not familar with GT3 please hit your self in the face and go buy it.

I would also like to get real freindly with nurburgring(sp?) or "the ring" as it is often reffered to, I have seen maps of it, and I have seen in car video's and it looks wild. another good one would have to be laguna seca.

but then I can never really forget my love affair with 2nd creek, PPIR and peublo MSP, but that might just be becuase I can tear those three up like there is no tomorrow.

so lets hear it, whats the perfect track in the minds of other AWF'ers

The complex string is a hell of a lot of fun! I love the switchbacks that keep getting smaller and smaller. Good fun.

I'd have to be unoriginal and say the 'Ring or Laguna Seca as well. Laguna is sponsored by Mazda, how bad can it be :D And the Nurburgring is legendary. Would be a lot of fun.

The big track at Mosport, which even seasoned veterans talk about with respect. And of course, Laguna Seca. Then there's VIR...

nurburgring. because i know people who race there, my dad is part of a team who races there, and i am hoping one of the team's drivers will sit by me when i drive the track and show me where to go faster. that and its universally thought of as the ultimate test of car and driver skill.

oh and my local track donington park. i love that circuit.

Rotary Boy
Originally posted by Shaman
The big track at Mosport,...

I have seen pics of that and in car videos from there and it looks awesome, I would love to spend a day there.