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cavalier ss99
i have a problem with my 99 chevy cavalier.about a week ago the car started rumbling a little bit and then the check engine light came on.i was thinking b/c i didn't fill the tank all the way it was very cold that day.yesterday the same problem but this time the light was flashing on and off so I took it to 2 mechanics for an opinion both said it probably is the catalytic converter could it be or is my car acting dumb???let me know please

Sia Bani
First of all, Welcome!

I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be the gas tank! It sounds like it may be the cat, let's have Blake come over and give you some ideas.

welcome cavalier!!

i do not happen to be the car gods that some of the other guys here are, but rest assured you will get your answer!

Hmm...the check engine light could mean wayyyy too many things.

It is not:
a) the gas tank
b) your car acting dumb

Without looking at it, I would have to side with the two independent mechanics and replace the cat. Fairly inexpensive job, it's not so bad.

cavalier ss99
thanx for the advice Im new to detroit cars I don't know chevy cars too well as I do with a honda my previous car

your car hasn't been backfiring? that would be indictative of a clogged cat, but yours still might be clogged... just to damn clogged to push it all the way through the cat and not with explodable unburnt gas.

because your exhaust is backed up, that could easily cause your car to vibrate like that... just get them to read the error code off the comp and see what that is... by now, you might have a burnt valve or two as well... :( just be careful with it and get it in the shop asap


On a GM at least if your Cavalier is like my montecarlo, When the check engine just stays on it means an emmissions part. When it flashes it means that the system has detected a misfire. Maybe all it is is a bad spark plug. Good luck.