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Rotary Boy
sure it gets cold, but whats not to love about a state with 5 racetracks, all open to the public on a very regular basis, for both rent or test and tune sessions

basicially a pointless thread, but here is what CO has to offer in the way of tracks

2nd creek raceway, very fun track.

Pikes peak international raceway park
this is not to be confused with the pikes peak hill climb, but it is near the place where that is held

Continental divide raceway park
another good one, was sold and then closed, then rebuilt, then sold again, then opened(very confusing)

Peublo motorsports park, a fun place

La hunta raceway, not as fun as the others, but a very fast track, basically a drag strip with turns

there ya have it, how many other states have 5 tracks?

We have an oval track at the state line. :( (Damn you NASCAR) But they all look fun and the first two look challenging (at least if your at my skill level)

87 Supra Turbo
Good lord, with all of those around there I don't know how you find the time to go to work. The only track we have here is Race City Speeway and it's not even close to the level of those tracks.

*Starts looking in the want ads in Co.*

Rotary Boy
here are some good action shots from 2nd creek and a few from Pikes

All I have is Summit Point and VIR (Virginia Internation Raceway). Both cool tracks.

I replied to this topic but it got deleted or something...

ive been to MIS and to Gingerman but thats it. Both were sweet, MIS was just humongous but Gingerman was more fun overall.