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My friend wants to pick up a 240sx, but there doesn't seem to be any available in this area. Are there any other cars like the 240sx that you guys would recommend? He has about 8k$ to spend.

With $8k i'd get an Audi RS2, but that's not really a 240SX type car. :) Another good car is the Nissan Sentra SE-R but it's not RWD. 3rd gen Supra would be nice or a 300ZXTT.

I don't think you can get a 300ZXTT for $8K

Where can you even find an RS2? I've never seen one in person

yeah 8k for a 240 is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much. unles he wanted a 98 with really low miles. Dude, just go on ebay for the 240sx. You should be able to find one in your area, if not.. just keep on checking and waiting.

I think you can get like a 90 or 91 300ZXTT for under 8$, maybe like 7-7.5, I've seen a few around here sell for prices ranging from 4k (kinda trashed) to 15k (modded somewhat). They had an RS2 for sale for 6500$ in a town about 10 miles away. They are really difficult to tell from the normal Audi wagons unless you either know what your looking for or can see the huge brakes behind the wheels.

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Damn mase the resale on cars in your area seems damn low. Most 300zxTT's that aren't beat to hell are like min $10k.

some are, some aren't. it depends on how well known the car is. people won't bother if no one around here knows what a 300ZX is. you'd be surprised at who can't identify the 90-95(?) 300ZX around here.

96 was the last year

most Z cars for sale around here are outragouesly high ;( Some jackas is asking 8 for his 86 turbo, and theres a white 96 turbo with leather and every option and the dude is asking 25 :dizzy: granted it only has like 10,000 miles but still, i think id rather get a 350, even tho i prefer the looks of the 300, its just super expensive to get parts for and not everyone will work on them:tahoe:

My buddy has a white 300ZX TT and he's been thinking of getting rid of it so I'm hoping he'll offer it to me cheap so I can race it. Nice car.

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a 91+ MR2 turbo would be nice

O well, he found a BMW 5 so he's going with that instead . . .
Thanks for your help guys.

What year and trim BMW 5?

Um . . . it's an old one 1990-ish? I'm not sure about the exact model number; I'll ask him next time I see him.