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Looks pretty cool. The biggest gripe I (and most of the press) has with the GTI is the fact that it can't handle for shit. I am pretty impressed with the 0-60 times, etc. That's why I like this car.


- all-new 6-speed MQ350/O2M350 transmission
- Same upgraded brakes as the 337 (12.3 inch front rotors, 10 inch rear vented rotors, better pads, red powder-coated calipers)
- Same suspension as the 337 (uprated springs and shocks, increased sway bar diameters, and revised bushings in the rear)
- 18" R32 Wheels with ultra high-performance rubber (likely Michelin Pilot Sports)
- Same Recaro seats as the 337 but interior theme will be silver/grey and black instead of the red/black in the 337
- Blacked out headlamp interior surrounds similar to the German market 25th AE GTI
- New instrument cluster with aluminum trim bezels from the German market 25th AE GTI
- Black headliner
- A few additional aluminum trim pieces (around HVAC controls)
- 4,200 units total between the U.S. and Canada
- Cars will be numbered via a dash plaque
- Retro rabbit badge along with red "retro" GTI logos front and rear
- Sunroof will be standard

Colors will be very special too and never before offered on the Golf IV GTI in North America: Jazz Blue, Imola Yellow and Black Magic Pearl.

MSRP will be $23,225 which is pretty decent. The only option on the car will be Electronic Stability Program (ESP) for $280. Monsoon sound system will be standard.

Pic to follow.


that's almost painfully blue, geez that's bright:surprised

That is pretty damn blue. I thought my car was blue.

I think the Imola yellow will be nice. Same yellow the S4 comes/came in.

My jeep is blue kinda like that. Actually its more likely to be like Prelude's car, since his is the same blue as used on the previous gen Civic Si, and my car is fairly close to that.

Isn't this called the 337, and I thought it was the 25th anniv, no the 20th? My parents told my sister they were going to get her one for her 21st birthday, she test drove it and loved it.

Rotary Boy
man, VW never should have taken the route of suspension tuning that they have gone down. the new VW's are just not set up to do the kind of things that they used to. like an old rabbit GTI was an awesome autoX car, but now they come from the facotry way to soft to really flex there muscles in the twisties.

I agree. They started the sport compact genre but have gotten so far away from it, it's silly. I'm hoping they get back to basics soon. A nice interior is great, but it's heavy as hell.

And Eric (MD Eric), there was the 337, which is much nicer and should be here in a year or so. And there is a 25 anniversary model that commemerated the 25 years the GTI has been around. This is commerating the 20 years the GTI has been in the US. Kinda wierd.

So what you're saying is that according to VW 20+1 =25?

It's fuzzy math :D

No, the GTI has been in Europe for 25 years (or at least it was last year when that one came out) so that was why they had that edition. But this year is the 20th edition in the US, hence the odd numbering :D

Volkswagen dealers last week publicly announced upcoming availability of a special North American 20th Anniversary GTI model to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the GTI model in the United States.

This model that we've hinted at in our forums for months now will be loosely based mechanically on the German 25th Anniversary GTI and GTI 337 model sold here in North America.


I'm diggin the old school Rabbit logo!!!

looks quite cool. i like the wheels

Rotary Boy
that old school logo is awesome, if only the car would wiegh in alittle closer to it's old school kin

Yea, I remember when my dad first moved to this country he had a rabbit GTI. It's still one of the favorite cars that he has owened to this day.

I'd f'n love to build a rabbit GTI rally car

I think they should use classic logos more often on Anniversery cars. Make em look really nice.

01 civic
I like the bunny logo. :D