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Since I don't know whether or not I'll pilot the Prelude this season or not, I am potentiall looking for a 3rd car. The Prelude is for sale and I want to manage the wear on it (not saying I won't take it out a time or two). The RX-7 I was looking at, while inexpensive, just wouldn't cut it since it was an Auto.

RB sent me a link to Grassroots Motorsports classifieds. Here are the entries that are within driving distance and relatively in my price range. Something to think about. Let me know if any catch your eye:

F-PRODUCTION OPEL MANTA. 1972, engine bored .40' over. Side Weber, full cage, fuel cell - the works! Extra tires, parts, w/trailer. $2800. New Jersey (856) 769-0457 (NJ) 05-03

SRX-7. All legal mods, Panasports, Diamonds, Momo seat/steering wheel, AMB, Autometer gauges, open trailer w/winch and tire rack. Moving. $4000 obo. David, or (804)-359-4538 (VA) 05-03

MAZDA RX-2. ITA/Volvo Historic Maxda RX-2. Registered in Volvo Historic Series, but still IT legal. Has all IT mods. Clean, reliable and inexpensive to race. Lots of spares, tandem axle trailer. Call or e-mail for complete details. $3500. (732 356-7341 or (NJ) 05-03

1998 DODGE NEON ACR. Coupe, white w/dk. gray interior. 2 Door, DOHC engine, 95K miles. One owner, car has had excellent maintenance since new. Great auto-x car, was 2001 NC state champion in DS. Car comes with extra set of AR-24 wheels, Hawk pads, poly bushings on front bar, auto-x alignment, Schroth harness, and K&N filter. Has new tires, motor mounts, Sony CD player and PIAA fog lights. Asking $5500. (704) 504-1939 (NC) 02-03

1977 VW RABBIT FSP. 6th at Nationals in '02 with the second fastest time on the south course. One of the lightest FSP cars in the country. Strong engine, 2 seasons old with much dyno time, 4 speed w/limited slip, custom Koni double adjustables, Keizer 13x8s with new Hoosiers. $5500 as is or we can negotiate removing some goodies. Geoff (704) 786-6853 or (NC) 02-03

1988 ALFA MILANO ITS. Winner at Charlotte, V6 fully sorted, Konis, Ansa, Griffin, race ready, reliable, low cost operation. $6900. Contact Tim at or (704) 948-0641 (NC) 02-03

1980 ITC VOLKSWAGEN SCIROCCO. Ready to race, well sorted with all the right equipment. Package deal comes with spares including eight mounted Hoosiers and four mounted Hoosier rains. Has run 1:34s at Summit Point. $4000. Call (240) 888-6362 (MD) 03-03


1986 Honda Civic Si. White/Grey. CRX alloys, Tokico Illumina shocks. 125k miles. 5-speed,AC AM-FM cassette, New Honda muffler and new exhaust. New battery. Same owner 14 years .Some rust. Much loved, too many cars. $1250/offer. Al Bell 301-260-1977. (Maryland)

There were some others that caught my eye but I'm not sure what location they are in and I want to be able to check it out before I buy it.

The cool part about one of these cars is that a lot of them are already sorted out and tuned for AutoX. Which would be nice since the season starts in a couple months.

The SRX-7 is pretty badass

yeah the srx-7 and rx-2 sound niiiiiice:drive:

I'm not sure that I know what an SRX-7 is...

Arthur Dent

Arthur, I thought of you when I saw this one

SPITFIRE FP. Best of everything. Quaiffe differential, Tilton clutch, custom flywheel, OMP steering, carbon brakes, MSD, Sabelt harness. Many extras. Nationally competitive or Volvo Historic. Sold as roller. $5500. Or with rebuilt 1300 or 1500. $8500. Willl consider trade. David at or (860) 233-5155 (CT) 03-03

I didn't post it because it's up in Conneticut. Actually that could be a day trip I suppose. :D

As my knowledge a SRX-7 is a really really stripped down RX-7

Rotary Boy
there are many SRX-7's out there, some are amazing and some are shitty. basicially it's a rotary lotus 7 clone

I guess this is an example of an SRX-7?

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Originally posted by preludedriver
I guess this is an example of an SRX-7?

yep, but that is not gonna be anything like what that one for sale is. the laminar is basically a monster, the SRX-7 in those classifed ads in most likly built off a 1G or 2G Rx-7 motor and drivetrain, just tied to a tube frame chassis.

heheh, yeah that's kinda what I figured considering how dirt-cheap a lot of them are.

I need something street legal anyway so I can drive it to and from the competition. Pretty interesting looking cars.

Awww damn, nevermind, that SRX-7 above for $4K comes with a trailer :D

Don't have anything to pull it with but still :)

That Neon ACR could be fun. Looks pretty sorted out already. Fairly new too.

The Scirocco could be good as well...

The Alfa would be fun as hell.

that Civic Si looks sweet, I gotta subscribe to this magazine if they are advertising cars for that cheap.

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so will, have you thought anymore about that 240SX/silvia? it' suspension, brakes, wheels and a FMIC away from not only being an awesome solo2 car, but also a kickass daily driver/weekend warrior.

I think that car would be a blast