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Rotary Boy
a helpfull tool

turbo by garrett (

just thought that might benefit someone, somthing tells me not all of you will be able to read the catalog and turbo selection guide for all it's worth(it helps if you are or at anytime were in engineering)

but man can that save you alot of time if you are trying to decide on what turbo to get


Rotary Boy
hey turboZ, you might want to take alook at page 15 of the catalog, that would be one mean fucking stealth

dude, I'm gonna have to check that out! I'd better start saving!

oh sorry i got excited. :D

I can sumarize...

Cliffs Notes

Bla bla bla, turbo good, makes car fast, bla bla..

It was actually hard to read in PDF format, the words were so big I could only fit a few per screen.