View Thread: Damnit, I want my Miata NOW!!!!!

Patience is not one of my strong points. :bigbounce

The good news is i might be getting one real soon if the guy who owns it can fix whatever caused the check engine light to come on, :cheers:

87 Supra Turbo
Cool. Planning on doing much to it?

well, in this miata atleast, i'd be replacing the seats, the tires and the parking light cover. Performance upgrades will wait until the Fall atleast.

*cough*Rotary Conversion *cough* *cough*

Dammit, I want my GSX-R 1000 now!

Damnit I want my RX-7 now!!!

I like this thread!!

Damnit I want a Silvia Now!!!

Rotary Boy
damnit I want the full use of my arm and ankle now!

Damnit, I want to go rallye NOW!

I know that feeling. I've dislocated my right shoulder more than 10 times and my left one twice. I also managed to sprain my ankle once while my shoulder was healing from being dislocated. I couldnt use either of them for about 2 weeks. It really sucked

Arthur Dent
I'd settle for being able to drive my Spitfire NOW