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A little over 6 months ago, my van hadda pretty bad misfire and it got worse and worse. Then we solved the misfire by replacing the coil, rotor, cap, plug wires, and spark plugs. Now it's missing again, but the behavior is different now. It seems like it's WORSE when I give it more gas. I opened up the access panel to that side of the engine and checked my distributor cap and everything. Seems to be all together. Then one day, I drove down to look at a house. On the way back, it kept stalling on me. Before it stalled, it would sputter and make that knocking sound like it's running out of gas. There I am rolling trying to start it back up. Once I do start it, I throw it back in drive and give it some throttle. Then it'd die again. Finally, after the 4th try, I sputter my way up to 35 MPH, speed limit, and make it home ok. My dad thinks it's the fuel pump. I'm pretty sure it is too. My dad's Lumina did almost the same thing. You know, not respond when you hit the gas? Turned out it was the fuel pump. So, when my dad get's some more money, we're gonna take the van over at Napa, closest repair shop, does very good work, and have them replace my fuel pump. I'm hoping that'll fix the problem. I just wanna clarify if that could absolutly be the problem.

I also want to clarify that the fuel filter was replaced shortly before we did that little tune up. The hose between the TB and the MAF sensor is fine. It hadda hole in it before and we fixed it with GOOP and electrical tape, rather than paying $65 for a new hose, which is a rediculous price for a hunk of rubber. I checked the connections on the injectors. They are fine also. Due to the knocking I heard when it died on me, it sounds like a fuel problem. For a 19 year old rig, the fuel pump is probably getting another nail into its coffin.

Before this, I've had some weird problems. Like, after I drive it, let it sit for a while, then start it up again, it would kinda run a little rough until I got it on the road. Could've that been an early warning for a fuel pump failure?

Rotary Boy
good diagnosis. most likly your feul pump, but hey at least it lasted that long right. also once you get it replaced you will really notice a difference and your van will run alot stronger.

MORE POWER! (Tim Allen Grunt) Ok. We'll take it to the shop then and have the fuel pump replaced. Just need $$$$$ first. Thanks Rotary. I figured you'd be the first one to answer. :D

My dad wants me to go drop my van off at Napa tomorrow. My dad wants them to test the fuel pressure and hook up the diagnostics machine to be sure if that's the problem first. Could be something else. But, it sounds like a fuel problem if it made a knocking sound when it kept dying on me when I was trying to get home. On the highway, at higher speeds, it should make it to the shop, 8 miles away, just fine. Could be the fuelpump, could be a shitty injector. I'm sure they'll find out the problem and fix it successfully.

yeah, I was gonna suggest testing fuel line pressure. Check the little valve at the end of the fuel rail that keeps the pressure up (brain fart cant remember what its called) maybe the spring is broken or the diaphram or something is ripped so its just flowing free.... Hell if I know im stupid.

Was gonna take it in today. But my dad says we'll wait on it. It's very nasty outside and we don't really wanna risk having it break down in the rain. We're gonna be moving into another house in the next week or so. Hopefully, we'll have it fixed by then. If not, I can still haul what I can in the back. If it behaves, I'll remove the seats and leave them at the new house, and come back to the old place and fill it up. Then that'll be my last trip until we can take it to the shop and get it fixed. But, we'll have them run some tests before they replace anything. Thanks again.

My dad just asked me this question. "You say that thing misses when it's been running for a while?" I go, "Um, yeeeaahh." "I wonder if the catylitic convertor could be clogged."

A while back, when I hadda bad misfire and lost #4 and was only running on 3, I'm wondering if the unburned gasses going through the system caused it to clog up a bit. I simply don't know. It's been chugging down gas while I was using it to move. Gone about 75 miles total through the whole moving and my guage is down to 1/4 already. Of course, the times I hadda burn it out when it wouldn't cooperate and excessive idling while I'm backing up to the house to load up some shit could be why my mileage is crappy. And when an engine doesn't work right, it can drink more gas too. I also notice my exhaust is louder than normal during its fits when I'm burning it out. Of course, my muffler is full of holes and in need of replacement.

Well, the diagnostics machines shall say, and the mechanics shall fix. I hope.

Yeah I hope so too, where you been lately?

Finally got my van in the shop. They tested just about everything on it and ran it on their computers. My fuel pump has all kinds of pressure, the spark is fine. Everything is fine. They are thinking my MAF sensor is bad, but they have no way of testing it. So, I'm just gonna bring my van home, buy a new MAF sensor, and hope that fixes it.

Just won an auction on eBay for a MAF sensor out of an '86 Toyota Van. Totals up to $20 including the shipping. Guess that's better than paying $260 for a new one. Well, I hope this fixes it. My van is home now because the shop, Napa, don't supply this part very much. We were gonna find the part for them to put it in. But, it was taking up too much room, so, my brother brought it home. I am glad it is home. THe MAF sensor is very easy to replace. Well, I hope this does fix the problem.

I got my MAF sensor from eBay. I put it in. It didn't fix the problem.

Fuel Pressure is good
Spark is good
MAF sensor is good

WTF is causing it to bog down and sputter when I hit the gas? It seems ok when it's cold. But, after a while, it don't work right.

I just tested the spark. Actually, it's not right. Of course, with a spark plug disconnected, it sound like "dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun" I looked at the spark while it was running and when I'd heard the "dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun" change to a "dadun-dadun-dun dun dun dun dadun dadun dun dun dadun", as in misfiring, the spark would, all of a sudden, get weaker or disappear. Last summer, I just changed my plug wires, coil, cap, spark plugs, and rotor. I think maybe my Module is going bad too. Or, I probably have a shitty coil. I think we're just gonna replace the whole distrubutor unit and see if that clears it up. That way, everything that controls the spark will be brand new.

It did that bogging down shit to me before when I had that missfiring problem before I replaced the coil and what-not. I'm also glad I have Auto Lite plug wires from Schucks. I just fucked up #4 when I pulled it from the spark plug. The plug came off, but, the connector stayed on. Ripped it clean off. So, that's another thing I gotta take back and have replaced. Thank god for warranties. :)