View Thread: GSX-R750 VS. YZF-R1

Rotary Boy
what do you guys think? both are realy enjoyable bikes, but the 750 is somewhat more playfull and exciting, but the YZF-R1 offers a ton of fun to it's rider, what do you guys think? My GSX-R750 always put alot of wieght on my hands, but offered better wind protection than the YZF-R1 that I test drove.


I like the R1. It handles a lot like the 750 if only a little heavier. However, I made my choice and went 2003 GSX-R 1000, which I think is going to be ergonomically compatible and similar in handling.

If I was not worried about litre bike power, I'd choose the 750 GSX-R for sure. That bike is just plain razor sharp.

Think Insurance. On a 750, with a programmer, you can be just as powerful as an R1, but riding a 750, you haven't crossed into supersport class yet, so your insurance will be lower. And with a recent crash on your record, your going to need all the insurance help you can get if you get another bike.

Sorry, that's not true. You can get close to the horsepower with a lot of mods (a programmer won't do it) but you will sacrifice low and midrange to do it, and on a roll-on contest the extra torque of the bigger motor will immediately thrust the bike forward while the 750 will have to get into its sweet spot.

On the other hand, what scares a lot of newbies to litre bikes is the intense acceleration that the litre bikes will produce immediately. No waiting, time to go now!