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Rotary Boy
apparently the new thing for dumb punk ass kids to do it take street racing to a "new" level.

the goal is to go point to point racing, on the street, who ever gets from point A to point B the fastest wins

god that is gonna get people killed faster than just street drag racing.
stupid fucks

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Some one come pick me up, wer gonna go rice hunting.

I dont see whats so wrong with legal racing, except for the money i suppose

This is Satan's Post. :flame:

im with SLP, lets teabag those fuckers!!!

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I got enough guns for everyone!

It's because they realize they can't do 0-60 and drag racing well in their Matrix's that have to hit 6000 rpm after some shifter gymnastics and about 10 seconds to achieve that extra (advertised) horsepower. :D

But I think it would be fun nonetheless. Especially on busy city streets, say like around lunchtime. ;)

we never had drag racing over here like you guys. we have always had point to point racing.

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Apparently they've been watching the Getaway in Stockholm series too much. Losers, if you kill somebody doing this kind of shit you should get life in prison and a good old flogging everyday.:flame:

punishment - teabagging, a good solid kick to the groin, life in prison with a large bisexual man

Point to point racing is cool. (Rally sense) I can't wait until Street Racing declines in popularity on city streets.

In all fairness to point to point street racing, its so much more fun than drag racing, but its also so much more dangerous.

Originally posted by Pennzoil GT-R
In all fairness to point to point street racing, its so much more fun than drag racing, but its also so much more dangerous.

P GT-R, while I appreciate your point, cause I agree with it, the outcome of this "point to point" isn't 'fair' to the reciever - u know?

Man I pay $20 for tech and unlimited drag racing at my local track and it's every Saturday. It's fun, safe(r), and fully legal. Plus, everyone is cool. When I hoisted the sail and floated down the track in the Caddy, people were cheering me on - even the need-to-be-slapped-for-what-they-did-to-their-cars ricers.

Also, close by, I have what's regarded as top ten most dangerous roads - The Ortega Hwy. Curves through a mountain pass. I would take my Z/28 out every Saturday to roast pavement and take life of my treads. If something happened, I would die and no one else. That's the key, your not the only one involved AND every single Street Racer that has killed someone regrets the decision - why not learn before you do?

Rotary Boy
good post brindle

we have roads like that around here, the road that twines up sugar loaf is one and the poudre river canyon road is another, I tear those places up, but if I lost it on them I would die and no one else, street racers are tearing through city streets and are not just endagering themsevles but others, they can endanger themselves all they want, but they need to leave others out of it