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Simple just find out the top selling car on the market US and International.

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The top selling car for 2002 was the Toyota Corrolla.
Makes me proud. So ir you're wondering what car to buy next go no further. Obviously the folks now what's best.

Here are some specs on the 2003 model.
Toyota Corrolla

Toyota has redesigned the 03' Corolla for the 21st Century. An excellent looking mid-size car with an upscale interior. Don't let the 1.8L/130-hp DOCH l-4 engine fool you. This car has speed. The Corolla's fuel economy is 32/40 mpg. At a price range of $13,600- $14,700.

Up and Coming/Runners Up...

Base Price: $18,970 Dealer Invoice: $16,976 Engine and Transmission Type: 2.4L I4 Displacement (cc/ci): 2362/144 Valves: 16 Horsepower: 157@5600 Torque: 162@4000 Fuel System: MPFI Transmission: Manual OD Fuel Economy (City/Hwy): 23/33 mpg Standard Features: Air Conditioning, Driver Air Bag, Passenger Air Bag, Anti-Theft Vehicle, Cruise Control, Rear Defogger, Keyless Entry/Unlock, Power Locks, Power Mirrors, Power Steering, Power Windows, AM/FM Radio, Cassette, CD Player, Second Row Folding Seat, Tachometer, Tilt Steering.

The Toyota Matrix is for the sport mid-size car crowd. The Matrix is said to have a Toyota feel and build quality, and to all Matrix owners this true. Just like the 03' Corolla the base engine is 1.8L/130-hp DOHC l-4. The optional Engine has 50 more horses. The Matrix fuel economy is 32/40 mpg. The price range is $14,670-$18,750.

Auto Buyers Go Shopping at lists the Corrolla among it's top 10 Best Cars for 2003. It's a no brainer folks.

I love my Toyota...runs great gets good miles per gallon no break downs.

hmmm, could this be advertisement, methinks so, :bootyshak

hehe i love how it opens with how to tell the best cars then talks about ALL

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Yessss the folks know what is best.

"Toyota, you're gonna want one, trust us"

Yeessssss, must buy the Toyota....baaaaah


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oh well

I am a pretty big toyota fan(they ain't no mazda though) after all toyota has brought us some pretty damned impressive cars the celica GT-4's and altracks and the current celica GT-S are all amazing cars. the MR2 and of course the supra. and now they are showing off again that they know what the hell they are doing when they make an engine with the 2ZZ-GE(the celica GT-S and matrix motor)

is the power plant from the supra still used in anything? I know the vg30de from the z32 is stroked to 3.3liters and supercharged for the xterra but I dont think it sees anymore action then that

The super powerplant can be found in the Lexus IS300. well the NA version. The Lexus IS300 is also known as the Altezza.

Trust me, this car is friggin fast.

I've never been a fan of non GT-Four Celicas, but they are slowly building, I heard they have good handling but speed always seemed lacking in road tests and in my friend's cars. Like the commerical "Looks Fast. Because it's not" :D