View Thread: Why do I watch this damn show???

Yes "Hi-Rev Tuners" is on and I just sat through the whole damn thing yet again. Why? I guess out of the half hour, I see maybe 5 minutes of stuff I'm actually interested in. Maybe it says something about the sad state of automotive TV :D

Their project Focus was blessed with a carbon fiber hood and of course "Euro Taillights" which complete the rice look! Lovely.

But then again, there was the 700hp Silvia that was just amazing looking. And then there was the Lear Jet powered Ford Focus! :dizzy: Yes the car from the pictures is real. They showed it on a track and supposedly it will hit 200mph. Yikes...

So I'll probably be back next week to see busty girls talking about 20 inch rims and dorky guys discussing the "performance add-ons" such as neon and strobe lights :D

Rant over...:banghead:

But hey, stick around on Speed Channel long enough and you'll see something worthwhile!

The FIA GT Championship Series from Oeschersleben, Germany is on right now. Amazing cars!!!


Hi Rev Tuners is like a train wreck

So terrible yet so hard to look away...

87 Supra Turbo
I usually just stare at the chicks breasts (sorry Sarah ;) ) until I hear the word Supra, Skyline, Sylvia or Subaru.

It's like Super2NR TV, oh god talk about train wreck, and the mad wigger style yo. I can't stand the hosts.

yes the FIA GT Championship is a great series, especially good value if you go to watch it in person. The noise of those 550's is worth the admission alone.

yes i like some of the cars in that show, but i hate the hosts, they have the worst acting skills in the world. I could not make my voice as boring and as monotone as theres if i wanted to, and worse than that they keep on stumbling, and asking dumb questions, like is this a BMW or cammry???? wtf just because there is a bmw badge on the front does not mean it looks like a fucking bimmer. i saw an elise on it once, i liked that.