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What do oyu guys all think of the XK8? here is ap icture of mine -

Rotary Boy
I think they pretty much kick ass. I have test driven two(both converts) and I really like them, very comfortable, and it handles quite well for a heavy car. I imagine it would be an awesome autobahn car.

I was looking at X and S types for my aunt and uncle to buy for family hauling (read: I haul my ass around town), my mom almost bought an 89 XJ8 instead of her Sable, so I think my aunt might buy one just to show my mom what shes missing. :D Sibling rivalry sort of deal. I'm trying to work them into something nice that I can borrow from them often. hehe

Most probably, I have been 130MPH in mine.

that car kicks ass it used to be my dream car