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I went to check out some people at this place frequented by street racers last night, and I was looking fine with the new lights on my car and I was booming out the sound. not many people were there but I did manage to race two people(don't worry it is super secluded, no one was at risk but us)

the first car was an average looking '98 or so electron blue Civic Si, it was a pretty tight car, had, a full exuast system, CAI and a new intake manifold, cams and a painted C-F hood, coil overs and rims. I was talking to him and all the stuff had actually been installed on his car at out shop. he was a pretty cool guy, only wanted to race to see how he would do. after I raced him(and won of course) this guy walked over to me and said he could probably take my car in a race. his weapon of choice was a red WS6(looked like shamans car) so we lined up and we went, i was amazed by how fast that car was. he got a better launch than i did and it was quick as hell to 60. But at about 65Mph or so I was passing him, with full boost sending me on my way. I don't know if the strip is a measured 1/4 mile but when i crossed the line I was going about 110, with the WS6 about a car lenght behind me. it was a really good race. I asked the guy right afterward what on earth he had in his car(cause my car is mad fast and he was on me the whole way) and his response was "oh just an LS1". i could tell he had exhuast and headers just fromt he sound(which was a nice sound I might add)

how much HP can LS1's get off intake, exhuast, and headers? people may diss them but f-bodies sure are some fast fuckers

As far as American sports cars go, I love Firebirds, i've always thought they had better styling than Camaros (ugh) and were more manly than a Mustang. Mustangs aren't too bad tho, i'd take a Firehawk over a Viper anyday too. :D

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is im not mistaken a Stock LS1 makes 325(suposedly), and it prolly was just a ls1, cause formulas/ws6/ss/z/28, are some beastly sounding mother fuckers when you get on the gas, but im wantin to no how you beat him in the 1/4?, whats ur et's? it has to be a high 12 or better.

I'm also not a huge fan of Camaro's but would kill for a Firebird. I dont know what it is about it. I dont think there are many other cars that are a evil looking as a Black TA

I definitely am gettin a Z/28 or a Trans Am soon, I dont care 320rwhp for under 20k, shhhhhhhhhiiiiooootttttttt.