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yesterday I got to working on my 930S, nothing mjor don't worry, just new tires and rims. new seats. new lamps and I replaced the sound system in the car. for a car that is this old, it is in crazy good condition.

the wheels on this baby were nice but i traded them out for a set of porsche wheels that looked identicle except for being wider and one inch taller. and then i put on tires(Michelin pilot sports ( ) to take advantage of the wider, taller wheels. the cool thing is I now have more traction, but my wheels look unchanged(which is good becuase I love they way they look) in fact my room mates couldn't tell i even changed out the tires at all, which is exactly the response I wanted.

next thing on the list was seats, and while the the seats that were in the car were certainly nice, they were not me. so I got a a set of black and grey sparco torinos ( which were mad expensive but i think they are the most comfortble, livable and supportive seats on the maket so it was worth it, plus my girlfreind thinks they are the coolest things ever and you gotta keep the ladies happy. i got the sparco club man 4pt belt system ( for both seats too, the black and yellow belts go well with the seat too.

then i installed some PIAA 2100-X lamps so my brights are BRIGHT I am thinking about getting a Xeno Depot HID kit, but I can't decide

I also Installed the sound system that i recovered off of blanca, so my 930S now has a alpine CD headunit, MTX amps and Bose speakers. I sounds really good, although I just sacrificed what little space I had for storage(oh well, it's not a car for haulin stuff anyways)

then i washed the car, waxed it, and It is looking good. more pics to come soon

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if you start ricing that out I will beat you up.

but nice work on those seats, breaking open the piggy bank huh?

and the xenon depot HID's are nice, if you want a good HID then go for them, Scotts VR4 has them doesn't it?

Well, its off topic, but I'm going to post in this thread, since you mentioned a VR4.

I've been running the new stealth all weekend, and the boost is fine, and it runs great, I can only see that it desperatly needs tires, an alignment, something is burning, maybe oil, and one of the ride sensors is out. So what should I go with as far as aftermarket accesories when it gets to be that time? Turbo timer brands and such

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blitz turbo timer
HKS dual vent or type S blow of valve.(both are good)
profec B or HKS EVC EZ boost controllers
since you have AWD you don't need the super sticky expensive tires so just go with some basic tires that offer good cornering and are good in rain.(check the tire rack)

has the car made it to a shop yet? burning oil isn't a good thing, might want to have that looked at. it might not be oil but just dirty ol gas. I would have it looked at to be safe.

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Apple_Jacks: How do those seats do for the long haul? I've never had a chance to sit in some good 'racing' seats so all I've experienced is numbness and spasms after about 15 minutes.

TURBOZ: What are the ride sensors on the Stealth? Do they monitor the the stiffness of the shocks or something?

a note on racing seats: I Love Sparco Torinos for a long haul(ridden in one for 5 hours straight more than a couple times) but I prefer stiffness so that just could be me. :)

Well, I took it in today to have the oil changed, just to clean out what didn't get out when I changed it myself, and the guy said it looks great. When I changed the oil, I put in some lucas oil stabilizer in with the oil, well, it was dark and I guess I dripped some on the manifold, and that shit is so thick, it never burned off, just kept burning and smoking, so the guy wiped it off and said he didn't see any leaks. Also, when the oil was changed, and now that I've run through most of my first tank of gas in that thing, the exhaust has stopped smoking when I rev it, so it looks to be good.

87: yeah, it has two ride selectors in it, and you can stiffen the shocks for maximum control, or soften them for long trips. Well, there's a warning light on the dash, and the shop manual I was reading says that when those lights blink, one of three sensors is out. I'll need to have it scanned to see which one.

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Ahh, well here's to hoping it's something relatively inexpensive. The TEMS on my Supra seemed pretty useless. When you put it in 'Sport' mode you could hear the actuators do something but the ride and body roll was pretty much the same. Only thing that seemed to change was the road noise.

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you may have found yourself mor eof a deal than you thought. are the problems with the steering turning suddenly still going on? hows it driving?

Originally posted by 87 Supra Turbo
Apple_Jacks: How do those seats do for the long haul? I've never had a chance to sit in some good 'racing' seats so all I've experienced is numbness and spasms after about 15 minutes.

these seats are fucking awesome, very comfy, you just have to get used to sitting a slightly different way and if you don't like you seat at least alittle firm you may not be a fan. but they really do they really look awesome in my car.

oh man, nothing beats flying through south park, blasting "stabbing westward"-what do I have to do, over a kickass sound system.

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Whats hte Et's on your car?