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All American crew lead Panoz charge on opening day of Petit

Panoz Motor Sport's all-American combination of Bryan Herta, Bill Auberlen and Gunnar Jeannette headed the Panoz "Spirit of America" challenge at the Audi Presents Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta today. Herta stopped the clocks at 1:12.872 around the team's home circuit to place the Panoz LMP-01 as the fifth fastest car on the opening day of practice.

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was audi still tearing it up?

man, this ticks me off, i already booked my flight and forgot about the Petit Le Mans here in Atlanta, GRRRR:crybaby:

sucks to be you.

do we have any stats, like a top ten?

1. Audi
2. Audi
3. Audi
4-10. everyone else :green:

In details:

1. Frank Biela and Emanuele Pirro; Audi R8 (LMP 900), 1:11.499.
2. Tom Kristensen and Rinaldo Capello; Audi R8 (LMP 900), 1:11.569.
3. Johnny Herbert and Stefan Johansson; Audi R8 (LMP 900), 1:12.038.
4. James Weaver, Butch Leitzinger and Andy Wallace; Lola EX257-MG (LMP 675), 1:12.573.
5. Bryan Herta, Bill Auberlen and Gunnar Jeannette; Panoz LMP-1 (LMP 900), 1:12.872.
6. Jim Matthews, Marc Goossens and Tony Ave; Riley & Scott MkIIIC-Elan (LMP 900), 1:13.292.
7. Jon Field, Duncan Dayton and Michael Durand; Lola EX257-MG (LMP 675), 1:14.208.
8. Jan Magnussen, David Brabham and David Donhue; Panoz LMP-1 (LMP 900), 1:14.442.
9. John Nielsen and Casper Elgaard; Reynard 02S-Zytek (LMP 675), 1:15.285.
10. Steve Knight, Mel Hawkins and Chad Block; Lola EX257-MG (LMP 675), 1:16.071.
11. Milka Duno, Christian Vann and Xavier Pompidou; Dome S101-Judd (LMP 900), 1:17.344.
12. Clint Field; Lola B2K10-Judd (LMP 900), 1:18.295.
13. Ben Devlin, Jason Workman and Georges Forgeois; Lola B2K40-Millington (LMP 675), 1:19.190.
14. Earl Goddard, Andrew Davis and John Mefford; Reynard 01Q-Nicholson McLaren (LMP 675), 1:19.249.
15. Tomas Enge, Peter Kox and Alain Menu; Ferrari 550 Maranello (GTS), 1:19.874.
16. Ron Fellows, Johnny O'Connell and Oliver Gavin; Chevrolet Corvette C5-R (GTS), 1:19.996.
17. Chris McMurry, Jeff Bucknum and Bryan Willman; Pilbeam MP84-Nissan (LMP 675), 1:20.522.
18. Andy Pilgrim, Franck Freon and Kelly Collins; Chevrolet Corvette C5-R (GTS), 1:20.644.
19. Emanuele Naspetti, Mimmo Schiattarella and Max Papis; Ferrari 550 Maranello (GTS), 1:22.719,
20. Lucas Luhr and Sascha Maassen; Porsche 911 GT3 RS (GT), 1:23.457.
21. Dennis Spencer, Rich Grupp and Ryan Hampton; Lola B2K42-Mazda (LMP 675), 1:24.146.
22. Timo Bernhard, Jorg Bergmeister and Marc Lieb; Porsche 911 GT3 RS (GT), 1:24.822.
23. Charles Slater; Saleen S7R (GTS), 1:25.170.
24. Tom Weickardt, Marc Bunting and Jean-Philippe Belloc; Dodge Viper GTS-R (GTS), 1:25.243.
25. Justin Jackson, Mike Fitzgerald and David Murry; Porsche 911 GT3 RS (GT), 1:25.612.
26. Pierre Ehret, Melanie Paterson and John Olsen; Pilbeam MP84-Nissan (LMP 675), 1:25.615.
27. Kevin Buckler, Brian Cunningham and Michael Schrom; Porsche 911 GT3 RS (GT), 1:25.791.
28. Anthony Lazzaro and Ralf Kelleners; Ferrari 360 Modena (GT), 1:26.584.
29. Philipp Peter, Joe Foster and Giovanni Anapoli; Porsche 911 GT3 RS (GT), 1:26.836.
30. Michael Petersen, Randy Pobst and Johnny Mowlem; Porsche 911 GT3 RS (GT), 1:26.864.
31. Marino Franchitti, Fabio Babini and Mike Hezemans; Dodge Viper GTS-R (GTS), 1:26.945.
32. Thomas Erdos, Robin Liddel and Rob Bariff; Saleen S7R (GTS), 1:27.007.
33. Patrice Roussel, John Mirro and Jeret Schroeder; Norma M2000-2-Ford (LMP 900), 1:27.385.
34. Steve Donovan, Piers Masarati and Gavin Pickering; Porsche 911 GT3 RS (GT), 1:27.412.
35. Vic Rice, Mike Newton and Shaun Balfe; Saleen S7R (GTS), 1:27.953.
36. Leo Hindery, Peter Baron and Tony Kester; Porsche 911 GT3 RS (GT), 1:28.138.
37. Craig Stanton, Hugh Plumb and Gilles Vannelet; Ferrari 550 Maranello (GT), 1:29.880.
38. Tony Burgess, Phillip Collin and Grady Willingham; Porsche 911 GT3 RS (GT), 1:30.174.
39. Gary Schultheis, Joe Policastro and Jay Policastro; Porsche 911 GT3 RS (GT), 1:31.436.
40. Emil Assentato, Chris Gleason and Nick Longhi; BMW M3 (GT), 1:31.938.
41. Bart Hayden, Richard Dean and Jurgen Von Gartzen; Porsche 911 GT3 R (GT), 1:33.159.
42. Michel Neugarten, Angelo Barretto and Thierry Perrier; Porsche 911 GT3 RS (GT), 1:37.205.

Ken-Arild Kristiansen

Tough break for Panoz crew in Petit Le Mans practice

Panoz Motor Sport's attack on this year's Audi Presents Petit Le Mans suffered a set-back in practice today at the Road Atlanta circuit with the #50 Panoz suffering a heavy crash with David Donohue behind the wheel. Donohue was having his first stint for the weekend when the car turned right under braking at turn ten, heavily impacting the wall.

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Very Impressive, keep up the good info KAK

Frank Biela remains king of ALMS qualifying

Six times he did the qualifying this season, six times he comfortably conquered pole position - with this tremendous feat, Frank Biela remains king of ALMS (American Le Mans Series) qualifying. With his fastest time at Road Atlanta, the three times Le Mans winner also keeps his own title chance alive: Going in to the final round, Biela is 13 points behind series leader Tom Kristensen who set the second fastest time in the companion R8 and starts beside his team-mate from the front row of the grid.

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Magnussen on the charge as Panoz crew do an all-nighter

PanUnder normal circumstances Jan Magnussen would be bitterly disappointed with qualifying fifth fastest, but after an all-night repair job by his race crew, the Danish driver hailed his team as the true heroes of Panoz Motor Sports. After yesterday's practice accident, the Panoz squad worked through the night to repair the #50 "Spirit of America", just completing the task less than 30 minutes prior to the start of qualifying.

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Audi driver Tom Kristensen wins at Road Atlanta and becomes new ALMS Champion

The new ALMS (American Le Mans Series) Champion is Tom Kristensen. As it was already clear before the final round at Road Atlanta, that only Audi drivers could achieve this years’ title, the 35-year-old Dane together with partner Rinaldo Capello won the classic "Petit Le Mans" to clinch the title and follow in the wheeltracks of Allan McNish and Emanuele Pirro. The companion Infineon Audi R8 of Frank Biela and Emanuele Pirro dropped back after a collision and the resulting lengthy repair stop but ultimately fought back to sixth position.

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More details about the race:

Panoz get both cars home at Petit Le Mans

Panoz Motor Sports completed the 2002 American Le Mans Series Championship with a strong finish at their home event today - getting both cars to the finish at the Audi Presents Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta. The Panoz "Spirit of America" machines finished in 5th and 7th positions with the #51 car of Bryan Herta, Bill Auberlen and Gunnar Jeannette leading the way home.

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Kristensen is awesome, he deserves the win. And audi, wow, what a freakin domination.