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Some of us know this as the fastest damn car in Gran Turismo. Other may have no clue what it is. So here are some specs and pics.
Configuration: Twin Turbo V6
Valvetrain: DOHC 3 Valves / Cyl
Displacement: 1998 cc / 121.9 cu in
Power: 734.5 kw / 985 bhp @ 8100 rpm
HP / Liter: 492.99 bhp per litre
Gear Type: Sequential 6 Speed
Drive Wheels: 4WD
Curb Weight: 800 kg / 1764 lbs
Length: 5050 mm / 198.8 in
Width: 1900 mm / 74.8 in
Height: 1510 mm / 59.4 in
Wheelbase: 2540 mm / 100.0 in
Front Track: 1512 mm / 59.5 in
Rear Track: 1510 mm / 59.4 in
Front Tires: 285/680-17
Rear Tires: 285/680-17


Pennzoil GT-R
an absolute monster. i would love to drive that, just to see if i could keep it under control.

Most definitely. That thing is out of control. Under 1800lbs and close to 1000hp!!! Jeeeez.


eric rxb
Yea, you think ok 1000hp, I've seen cars that have made that much before. Then you realize that its only 800Kg. What a beast. Could you imagine how easy it would be to let this thing get out of control on the road.

I can barely control it on Gran Turismo :D


eric rxb
Yea but then again when you think about it Grand Turismo is being controlled with a videogame controller, and with a rea car you have more control over the inputs.

eric rxb
and your response time to my post was really scary

I'd take it on the street against people, everyone would think it was just extreme rice. Until they couldnt even see you down the road anymore. :)

isn't it twin engined? One to power the front wheels and one to power the back, both TT 2.0 flat 6's?

Arthur Dent
That is horridly ugly!

looks dont matter with that beast.............i think it could eat any car in gloucester right the same time!

man I love living here this close to pikes. I have seen that car in real life, heard it revv too, wow, was it loud and boy did it ever sound like shit, of coure with that much power it doesn't matter what you sound like right?

let's just say the car could give anyone of us a mile headstart in the 1/4 mile and still beat us. Its that ridiculous:tahoe:

SLP Addict
Is there n e way to make that shit street legal? if so, i say it should be done!

Pennzoil GT-R
shouldnt it be street legal anyway? the old monster group b rally cars were. and the Audi went to pikes peak if i remember rightly?

I wouldnt worry about Street Legality until you can post the money to get the car in the first place. :)

Rotary Boy
Originally posted by masestylez
I wouldnt worry about Street Legality until you can post the money to get the car in the first place. :)

expecially since there are only 2 of them

Well in that case i'd worry about posting enough money to Suzuki to buy one or have them make you one, and THEN street legality. :)

i am still in awe........1800 lbs and 1000 ponies...............DUH-AMN

that shits amazing i would take that over any other exotic and take it on the street to kick everyones asses

Enano Siniestro
Formula cars are also beasts, but not like this thing. Look at all the wings it needs just to stay on the ground. Awesome.