View Thread: I can't see the damn road

91 Integra
Well, I can... but... My headlights suck.

They are aimed properly.

The lenses are clean.

The bulbs are new.

The bulbs are top of the line (Sylvania high-end model).

What should I do? Everybody with a G2 'Teg has this same problem. Most people solve it with a simple set of JDM headlights, which, I am told, do wonders. I would like to go that route.

Or, I could go aftermarket. That seems to be the easiest option. I don't want anything ricey, and I don't want to blind oncoming traffic. I want it to be legal, too. So what should I do? I'm working on a budget here, so don't recommend any of those $400 aftermarket HID add-on kits. ;)

Any help would be appreciated!

Oddly enough my friend had the same problem, he got aftermarket headlights and they sucked too, he's selling the car now with JDM headlights but I don't know if that fixed it or not. He got it more for style than anything I think.

maybe a set of cheapo foglights would know theres like 100000 kinds for that car