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is where i spent the better part of a day today. Me, Eric, my buddy sean(Erics cousin), Erics wife, and my new girlfreind(wooo, shes a hottie!) all went. I got to tear the place up in my 930(which really needs a name)

It was pretty fun, I managed to pull out some impressive times and i think i have pretty much figured out where the limits of this car are. alo let me just say that for being a 16 year old car, it is awesome. I am amazing by the brakes that are on this car, by the end of the day they still felt like they were brand new. also a major higlight of my day was getting to run away from sean on the track. and for the first time in my life I was able to glance out my window, see Eric and pass him(he was driving the supra). it was a great feeling.

also there for some test and tune fun was a guy with a porsche 911 RS(white too) and a guy was there with a silver Dinan M3. there were also like a jillion 1g Rx-7's. another cool thing was a NA 300z turned into TT(just like K6's car) and 2 SR20DET powered S13s. I also got to talk to one of the main dudes of the colorado porsche club(who had a '00 911 turbo). basically i got to tear around a real racetrack which is a ton of fun.

I thought k6's was a stock turbo..

And I wish I could race a 930. Porsche brakes are reknowned for their fortitude. Stock 911 Turbo brakes on the Autothority Porsche won the Super tuner challenge in braking over many aftermarket carbon-metallic brakes.

Porsche brakes rule. I read a couple years ago about some kind of Ceramic (something like that) technology being applied to them.

nope it is one of the lighter and overall meaner na-->tt jobs

You need to lay off the drugs man.

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Cool. Please post pics...of the hot new gf...hehehe

You guys are lucky you all live near each other/know each other to race like that together.