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Rotary Boy
I do, any one else here?
if so what do you run(et/trap) and with what car?
whats the coolist/most interesting/ most unique car you have seen at the strip?

I make it to bandemire whenever possible, I run a corrected flat 11.4 on normal boost with flat tens at high boost(traction limited) but I am not a real drag racer my home is the track, but it is still fun to make it to the strip and see what others are running. it's really cool to make it to the mile high nationals and see cudas and chargers and what not that run 8's up here at this altitude(which is ultra fast if you didn't know), however one of the coolest cars I have seen is a 25th anniversary countach, another is a 86 mustang that has two 5.0's in it, one in the front on in back, that car was awesome, didn't run real well but was fast and sound really interesting. my freind allen has a '88 Lx that has been fully built up, runs corrected high tens(i think 10.93 but I could wrong). last spring I raced the twin engined hyundai that was in the ultimate street car challenge last year, he beat me but not by the amount I had expected him too, by the end of the 1/4 I was gaining on him pretty hard.

come on people share your drag strip expeirences.

Let's see. Well my best in my car was a 13.1@104mph. That was at Sears Point which is basically at sea level. Back in March I was at Sacramento doing some 1/4 mile runs and I saw what I think was a Buick Grand National with these two ENORMOUS turbos that were sticking out through the hood. It was pretty impressive. I think the guy ran high tens but he wasn't even launching the car and was shifting low in the power band. I think he was breaking in the engine or something. Anyways, the car was pretty sick.

I'm gonna try and take my car out to the strip soon. Hoping to hit mid to high 12's once I get my downpipes in.

SLP Addict
Sweet, ive gto a couple friends with 9 and 10 second stangs, and other car's that havent been at the strip yet

we only have 1 proper strip here at santa pod, but at various temporary strips ive seen 10 second skylines.the fastest of the lot will now be into 9 seconds cos he had a 6 speed sequential holinger box on order that will knock alot of his times.oh yeah, i saw an awesomely fast truck too. it was a jet powered show car, the guy held the brakes on and sent it to full power, then let it the mark wasnt stunning,but once it got going its probably the fastest car ive ever seen

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It would be insane to see teh top speed on that type of truck!

91 Integra
I've been told that my car could run 16's in the quarter... with a good driver and perfect launch!

Who has the quickest car now, eh? :bootyshak :D


I've ran a best of 16.2 . . .

you can all laugh as much as you want, the rush was better than a roller coaster~ i have an auto in my car, and made the mistake of not shifting it manually- the car redlined every time..thought it was gonna grenade on me- lol that wouldve been great...bringing it back to my pop's garage on a flat bed, with 6 holes i nthe hood from the pistons flying out. . . . . . .my first run- even though only a time trial, i had a 2 door kompressor in the other lane- i had the better reaction time (been racing since i was 6 months old) of course, but he just ripped me a new sphincter- the thing was straight from the dealer- the salespersons just threw plates on em (there were 3 at the track), and beat the crap out of em- running 13s at 106, impressed. I found that if i shifted manually, i could pull 15.29's..a. full second quicker.

from what i read, every one has seen some great rides.. . . . . but my cousin, beats you all.... try a 13 second mazda 929. . . with a blue printed ford 5.0 in it. . . lol soon to be a 351 stroked to 408 with twin turbos lolol. . . :chair:
ultimate sleeper

my car probably runs about 20's on a good day :rolleyes: , but on the track if it is runnin well with a lot of turns could probably handle a lot better because of the available power and its weight makes it handle pretty well.

i wish i had the cash to do what i wanted :banghead: :crying:

SLP Addict
My car will prolly run Somewhere in the 16's, Its not fast, but enough tourqe to roast em.

i have done it in 1:10, but normall i can only mnage 1:20. RB have you run with drag radials on full boost?

I make it there about once a week. The place I work at has a SLIGHTLY modded 00 SS. A set of headers and a pair of flowmasters. It runs low 13s @ 100-104 mph. I dont pay much attention, just practicing my reaction down to about 506!

Coolest thing I've seen was a VR4 that pulled off a low ten sec run. Didnt look like much, acctually looked stock except the wheels.

I've never been out to the 1320, but I would love to try it sometime. Some of the Mustang guys on the local forum go out a lot. There are some sweet SC GT's, Cobras, and Lightnings in their group. I've been told a 4.6 GT like mine can get into the 13's with the right tires and a good driver.