View Thread: Great news, very unexpected

Sia Bani
I took my car to the dealer the other day, and they actually FIXED my rattles/squeaks. I couldn't believe it. The other dealer I took it to said they'd fixed it, but they bs'd me.

squeaks from where

Sia Bani
The driverside door, and the tailgate.

Arthur Dent
Its great they got it fixed. You have been fighting with that for a while. Our stupid Jeep has an annoying exhaust rattle but apparently its a design flaw and all Cherokees have it. Did they charge or under warranty. I have no trust in mechanics. After being screwed a couple of times I'll glad to say I have been any of ours cars to mechanics for about 2 years.

Sia Bani
Warranty, or else I'd mess with it till I figure it out.