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Satellite communications company KVH Industries hopes to put an end to back-seat bickering among grumpy siblings during long family car trips

KVH says its system will allow cars to receive more than 300 channels of DirecTV satellite programming and 50 channels of commercial-free radio.

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I get car sick when I'm reading in a car ride, I wonder what will happen to me if I watch TV :dizzy:

I saw that this morning on, it looks cool, if and when I ever own an SUV, that's goin in there. :D

I found this paragraph interesting...

"On the audio side, our research has shown that people who have CD players in the car still listen to the radio 70 percent of the time," said Kits van Heyningen, who expects to see similar patterns for visual content.

This certainly applies to me.

You know you're getting old when you listen to talk radio more than your CD player. :(

Cool technology, though. Might be worth it when the price comes down a little. I wonder how it will work through rain storms, or if passing trees will block the signal.

Pardon me, I must go now. Neal Boortz is on!! :D

I never listen to radio, I believe it is the pure evil way to listen to music. I'm not talking talk radio because I like that but for music it's all MP3s in my car. I've got around 2000 songs so I never think about hitting the "Band" button. Besides radio has censored music(bad), commercials(bad), and lame ass DJs for the most part.

Yup ikeep 6 cds in my car, all mps3's and its about 100 albums worth of music, so im all set:tahoe: