View Thread: Don't downshift to 2nd on the straightaway!!!

Especially in a freakin Viper!

This is from a "friend of a friend". A guy on the DC SCCA message board had it sent to him from a guy he knows (who it happened to)

There is a frame by frame gallery and a link to the video at the top:

Here's my favorite excerpt from his report:

On turn-in for T1 he put in the clutch and I believe went down from fourth to third and then second and let out the clutch before I could say anything. As soon as he let the clutch back out the rear end locked up and around the car came. I then found us sliding passenger side first toward the wall and the T1 worker area. At first I thought we were going to miss the wall and if Mr. Xxxxxxxx had moved the wheel slightly with the direction of the spin to bring the nose back around rather than into the spin try and stop it we would have. As it were we hit with a glancing blow and came to a rest a short distance away and on the gore area between the transition of NASCAR 1 and the Road course T1 facing toward the rest of the cars coming through T1 and looking out through the now raised hood of the vehicle.

How experienced was the driver?

This was all he mentioned:

"While sitting in his car waiting to be released to go on track I asked him some questions about his car and how long he had owned it. He indicated that this was his second Viper and that he had not done any schools before but that he had driven on PIR during a ride around session during a Grand-Am event."

After reading a bit more, he was preparing for a corner. He told the instructor that no one told him he shouldn't go all the way to 2nd at that speed...:banghead:

I think he probably entered that corner behind slower cars on previous laps and this was the first time he was on his own going through there. Guess he remembered going to 2nd before (tailing someone) and figured he would do it again.


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at peublo motorsport park a guy pulled a similar stupid mistake, downshifted an S2000 from 6th to 2nd(not quite sure how, maybe he was in to much of a hurry to get in 4th) anyways, he completly fucked his motor and spun out, ended up hitting the sand backwards.

Moral of the story: Just because you can afford it, doesn't mean you know how to drive it.

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amen to that

so true :tahoe:

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Id beat the shit out of that guy if i ever met him...............the id wack his nuts with a giant spoon, take a drill to his wang, and bolt it to a car get the picture.

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When I've been watching races I've pretty much always seen the drivers go through the gate gear by gear. I take it this is standard practice when racing (regardless of the level) so that you don't run the risk of wrecking your car?

well it slows your car with less need for brakes and then if you need to hit the gas you are already in a gear and it just helps the car slow down enough to get into a lower gear.

and SLP - as if you would know how to drive that thing perfectly.

Haha SLP would do the exact same thing in a Yugo, an then claim snap oversteer or something.