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Arthur Dent
Ok so I changing the pads on the Jeep Cherokee it and going fine for the first side. Go to the second wheel and the go to unbolt the caliper and the fucking bolt breaks! Ugh! :curse:

But it wasn't as bad as it could have been as the lower piece drops out. Still - what the hell its not like I have air tools. It was just a $30 Canadian Tire socket set. Anyway the other bolt breaks too. I go to parts store and they order in the bolts at $12 each!

So I thinking that a previous person must have tightened them too much. What to you guys think.

agreed and i dispise jeeps, my winter ride before the laser was a 93 chero-crap it never seemed to want to keep its ass end planted and had more exhuast rattle then i coudl stand...and the laser was a bargain at 500 bucks :)

perhaps, or it could just have gotten alot of water grime and stuff in there.

or maaaybe you forgot the golden rule!

Righty tighty lefty loosey!

Arthur Dent
Oh no it was still pretty clean and in good shape around the brakes so I doubt corrosion (its a 98 too). And I was definitly turning the right way.

k6kicker - yours had an exhaust rattle too? Damn - I have tried tracking it down but maybe its just a design flaw.