View Thread: Tradgedy involving Dodge Magum show car

The semi truck transporting the Dodge SRT-8 Magnum show car from LA to Detroit was involved in a fatal accident in Illinois just outside of St. Louis, MO. The Semi's driver and passenger were killed, and the Magnum SRT-8 was heavily damaged in the crash. Chrysler Officials say that if they can't repair the Magnum before the show, they will have a backup proto ready. The truck was operated by Reliable Carriers Inc. of Canton, Mich. Authorities say the accident may have been caused by a blown tire. Full Story... (

wow! That's sad.

That sucks :(

Rotary Boy
fuck. thats really bad times.

SLP Addict
I think im gonna cry, can i get a tissue? :cry:

I don't feel so abd for the car but it sucks for the driver, those damned trucking companies cut so many corners, and use recaps instead of decent tread, and they are neevr aligned ( i would know my dad is a trucker)