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New Mustang: (I'm not sure I like it..)

Model U: (anyone else think it looks exactly like a Honda Element?)

I think the mustang would look alot better if they headlights were re-shaped. I think the front looks decent, but from the picture I have seen of the rear it looks terrible. Then again the Thunderbird looks pretty good from the front, and the rear of it looks like no effort was put into it.

Not much to say about the other one. It's ugly.

The Mustang looks like a sad clown. I think the U looks like a Honda Element too, only like a Lego version.

Should they fix the headlights on the stang, i think I'd be in love, otherwise I'll want to poop on it

The headlights definitely could definitely use some reshaping.

I am so in love with that mustang! But I agree with you guys on the headlights and Im not sure if I like the foglights either....other than that its beautiful!

I was just going through some Auto show pics. I kind of like this thing! Pretty mean looking:

Is that the 427? It does look like it would cause some destruction. The lower grill gives it sort of a devilish smile.

Yeah, it's a 427. Kind of reminds me of an old 60s muscle car. I like it.

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I think with a few minor tweaks like the headlights that mustang would be beautiful. Even if it came out exactly like that I'd want to get one. Definately one of the best looking 'stangs in a looooooooong time.

The headlights are a major issue in my opinion, they REALLY need to fix them.

Originally posted by masestylez
Is that the 427? It does look like it would cause some destruction. The lower grill gives it sort of a devilish smile.

Hmm, do you think the fact that all of these cars seem to look like "people" has anything to do w/ the former drug use... :P j/k

Actually, I hadn't ever thought about it, but the mustang DOES sort of look "sad"...great, now I'm always going to think that. I USED to like it...

I actually don't mind the U--it sort of reminds me more of that Dodge concept truck w/ the sort of Tonka toy look than the element. We test drove an element the other day just for the heck of it when we were at the Honda dealer. It was ok--ok pickup and tons of cargo room, but VERY "utilitarian" seeming on the inside--sort of not digging the vinyl seats and such (though they are somewhat understandable for the image I suppose). But it was a bit too stripped--it was the base 2wd model and it doesn't even come w/ a stereo or anything. The 4wd model is semi competitive w/ others in its class, but the stripped 2wd isn't--others in the class are a better deal.

But it would be a handy familymobile/minivan alternative, I suppose.

Oh, I also don't like the type of awd thats really fwd w/ some transfer when you start to slip. Thats just a poser to me.