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Here go's another one of my wacky idea's, my dad said that he is prolly gonna buy me a jeep, like a cj7, now i was thinking, i could put in a 275Hp stock 350, 4 bolt main, cast iron block, you no teh whole standard bit, and add in Head's Cam's Intake, and what not, all the bolt on's and get (optimistic) close to 400 HP, now if i can do that, with 4 wheel drive, and slicks, i tihnk i should have me a pretty damn quick car, it may not handle the best, but i live near a big river, and i want to be able to drive down the beach and down the river bed and shit like that, what you guys think?

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Extremely bad idea, although it'd be real fun until the inevitable rollover.

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man, jeeps are fun... I've almost rolled over in my friends jeep about 4 times now. Offroading, driving on the street (cuz he really sucks at driving)...

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LOL, yea they are fun, but u dont wanna roll


Jeeps are fun.
Install a good roll bar,so you survive....just get it back on it's wheels after a roll,and drive on.Real cool to do in a crowded street.....

jeeps kick ass. I have got a cj7 renegade with a dana 44 rear and a 4 inch lift, a snorkle, and an exhuast system. I am going to add more mods shortly now that I have a slightly better paying job.

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Sweet, how much does it cost just for a jeep with a shot motor, ot how much is the cheapest i can get one for