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Rotary Boy
so apple_jacks got the 930, and it is wild. I no longer blame him at all for getting it. we dyno'ed it to an ass kicking 375Hp(alot for a lightass porsche)

and as i was rolling it off the chassis dyno I had some fun, and since you can wip a porsche around pretty tightly(what with the rearward wieght bais and all) i just pulled off three or four nice the shop. really fun and really stupid, but I knew what i was doing so it was all good. although i did get not so kind gesture from eric about the whole matter, but he thought it was pretty cool too.and now the shop floor looks alittle more lively.

my first impressions of it are really good, it drove very well, handled like a dream and has alot of power, and since this is like the lowest mileage 930 on the planet it doesn't even need a new clutch(930's did a fair share of clutch eating in thier days) me and eric both had the car up on a lift yesterday evening to give it a full run through to make sure it has no problems, and we didn't find any. looks to be in awesome condition, and i wouldn't be suprised if eric popped by to tell everyone how in love he is with it. he can probably give a better impression of driving it, since all i did was drive it onto the dyno and then do a few in door donuts.

LOL!!! That is hysterical. I'd love to see a picture of the shop floor.

Rotary Boy
it looks really goofy, becuase on the last donut it had a ton of rotation( our floor is pretty smooth) and I broke all 4 totally free. so it's like seeing two tracks that suddenly have other tracks comming out of them and then they all cross each other and just stop. i don't know if that made any since, but they look pretty cool.

Arthur Dent
what happened to the 928?

Long story:

Rotary Boy
thanks, you beat me to it

Arthur Dent
Hmmm ... I would have keep the 928 but each to his own.

SLP Addict
375?, is it stock, rons RUF only makes 375-400, maybe the ruf was underestimated?

I don't know much about 930s but I read it was a 930 Turbo, I thought iwas a higher level 928 but Porsche numbering confuses me greatly, someone wanna clear it up real quick?

no it's not stock it has a ruf turbo back exhuast and intake, ruf suspension componentry and brakes. it's awesome

yeh eric that little donut was nice.
this car has the most amazing turn in and's just so dmn cool
it's beyond words in the awesome catagory, and it sounds unlike anything else, at the top end it is amazing and down low it just sounds pissed off(in that good throaty intimadating way) I took some pics of it from my dads country club and he is going to email me the pics somtime soon. the upside here is that my parents are not mad at me(well not really mad at me at least)