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Ok guys, here comes the first fix-it question!

On the stealth I'm buying (it'll be here next week) I'm getting it so cheap because they guy says it runs great, but he hasn't driven it in a LONG time because he says every time it rolls, he hears a knocking noise down near the wheel, like on the axle.

Now, I was thinking CV joint, but I'm not real sure. what do you guys think? Possibly a tranny? I hope now, but I got the car for cheap, 2500 bucks, so I guess I can afford a tranny, after i pay some over my other bills. heh. :cheers:

6 views and no one has an idea on this? :(


I always thought of the cv joint noise as a clicking rather than a knocking, but...

Usually if it is a cv, it will make a lot louder noise if the wheels are turned and under acceleration. Also check under the car. It should be easy to tell if a boot is torn and the grease has leaked out. Could be an inner or outer boot, so check at the wheel and at the tranny. Hopefully if that is the case and it was not driven too long without lube, you can just put a new boot on and fill with grease .

God i hope so. It would be soooo damn cool to get this car for so cheap and that be the problem. Such an easy fix.

The guy stopped driving the car as soon as the noise started and hasn't driven it since. He said he'd been meaning to get it fixed, but never did, and finally decided to sell it.

Could also be a faulty coil spring.

Ahh! Nice call. I never thought of that. I guess I'll have to get the car first before I can figure out whats wrong with it.

A mechanic should be able to assess the problem quickly and easily.

Just pray to god it's not the engine. It would make things much easier on your pocketbook.

Well thats the thing that caught my attention. Dude said he had just replaced the engine, and has less than three thousand miles on it. New Turbos too. So he says he knows it's not the engine. He says he's not much of a mechanic, so he doesn't even know where to begin. So, we'll have to see what it is. would a tranny make a knocking noise like that? i don't know if he said knocking or clicking. Might be a click.

I'd worry that it wasn't broken in properly then. That would explain running well for a short (i.e. couple hundred-1000 miles) time then starting to malfunction.

Then again, it could be something as minor as badly torqued engine mounts that are coming loose.

Before buying that car just demand that it be inspected by a third party mechanic of your choice. You could probably get the car for cheaper seeing that repairs need to be done.