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91 Integra
My dad is looking to do some upgrading to his '02 Civic Si. He wants me to look into I/H/E for him. What would he be looking to spend? How much could he expect to gain, performance wise?

Thanks a lot - I know nothing about this stuff. :dizzy:

supercharger, headers, wide sticky tires, anti sway bars, short throw shifter is its a stick, 5 speed transmission if its a slush :), intake might help a bit...seems more like a money trap then anything though my friend

I doubt you'll get huge noticable increases.

Go suspension, there you'll see it.

91 Integra
Money trap... yes... darn cars! :curse:

The thing is a blast to drive though! :bigbounce

In general the very first thing that could stand being replaced on alot of Hondas (and subarus) is the TIRES. They come w/ crappy ones. I would suspect this to be the case w/ the Si, but don't remember what it came with--probably the same as the rsx.

Not much to gain from the platform yet. Just go with intake and exhaust and wait about 2 years for the aftermarket parts for the KA20 engine to get biggger.

there is a really nice turbocharger for it though... but it mightonly work on the RSX-S KA20