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Arthur Dent
interesting. not my taste but ... very interesting. Up on eBay with more (lots more - waring to modem users)

This car is 1930's Art Deco with bodywork in solid Brazilian Mahogany, featuring rows of polished copper rivets and completed with ten coats of hand-buffed clear varnish. The interior is a soft cream leather and beige carpet. The trunk is fully lined in beige carpet and contains the solid Mahogany battery box.
There is a sunburst motif to the pale-gold dashboard, the chromed-steel radiator, the cream-leather door panles and to the radiator mascot. All the fittings to the body are chrome-plated steel with the exceptrion of the rear lights which are stainless steel and the lettering at the rear which is polished aluminum.

The Chassis is a 1967 Triumph TR6. The body is supported by a fully restored steel chassis and 60 spoke chrome wire wheels with knock-off nuts on splined hubs. The Triumph engine is a six cylinder, twin Stromberg carburettor unit of 104 HP. It is fully restored. The manual gearbox, which is a very strong item has four speeds and a reverse. The clutch is hydraulic, as are teh brakes which are front-disc and rear-drum. There is a cable operated hand brake.

Looks to be an immaculate job.

Not my tastes either, but I can appreciate a very well done job.

Beware of Termites! :)

thats like that car that was on ebay with the wooden ground effects's great great great great great grandaddy!

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that thing is amazing, i wouldnt buy it, but if i was given it, i wouldnt complain.

Originally posted by preludedriver
Beware of Termites! :)

I wonder if Terminix visits come with the factory warranty. :)