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I'm still on a crusade to spend Christmas cash before I've actually got it :D As some know I was considering a new camera, but I've rekindled a love with my current digital camera and decided to go for some car upgrades. Hell I'm more into driving than photography anyway :)

Well to make a long story short (too late) I'm going back and forth between racing school and some handling upgrades. Should I decide to go with the latter, anyone have any suggestions? What the best way to spend a $1000? I was thinking of some new tires and shocks at a minimum. Anyone have experience with Khumo tires and Koni shocks? A fellow Prelude driver in Solo II has a nice similar setup with his 4th Generation car and does VERY well.

In lieu of that, I was thinking of maybe an anti-sway bar for the front, heck maybe a new exhaust. But I think the tire/shock combo will help me out the best next season. I'm already consistently beating a lot of guys with modded cars and race tires, so hopefully this will help me out even more.


(and no need to tell me not to buy a big coffee can exhaust, I know better - I'm a racer, not a ricer - but if anyone knows of a good Honda exhaust that will give me a little deeper sound and maybe a few HP, please let me know)

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Koni shocks are a good choice, I would also recomend the anti-sway bar, but then again i would say some good tires are a must too, and exhuast is always nice. so many choices :D

tires: if you are looking for good tires and don't want to spend a ton of cash go for the Khumos but if you have alittle more money and you want your wheels wrapped in glue Hoosier A3S03's are the stickiest AutoX tires around. for a good exhuast that is cheap I would look into a DC sports catback, they are about 550 bucks are sound pretty good while opening up airflow pretty well.

Thanks for advice! I need a tire I can commute to work on for the time-being as well. So they have to be liveable on the highway too. Although I'm considering getting another set of wheels to mount the sticky tires on and then just changing before the race.

I was just looking at the DC Sports exhaust. The A'PEXi cat-back looks decent too.

Anyone know how much exhaust installs normally run? I don't have a regular shop I go to yet, although Auththority has been pretty helpful responding to my questions.

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Apperently autothority is a really upcoming tuner, what al do they do?, just porsches? or whats goin on with them.

They focus on German cars primarily but with Japanese cars being as popular as they are for tuning, they naturally have been taking advantage of that market as well.

I've talked to a couple guys there before and like I said, they're really helpful, seem a little expensive though.

Check em out: (pretty cool site)

that site was pretty cool, i like the C & D article on em, that Stage V Porche is sexy!

That car is pretty badass. I have some pics of it over in the Sporting section. I sat in it and it was everything I hoped it would be :D :D :D

A-tech got to see it in action at the Supertuner challenge though, pretty cool.

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That fuckin bastard, i say we all put a moped engine in his VW! Damn A-Tech

Their Porsche packages are actually really reasonable when you consider what other tuner's packages cost.