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autoworld forum is a resource for car lovers to share information about your favorite vehicles. autoworld forums provides a car driver experience to enable road and track testing of any exotic automobile. Find our car tests of performance automobiles, autos, trucks, motorcycles, and specialty vehicles, and compare your car against your friends'.

We do the test driving, car testing, car reviews, and archive them in 1 place for you. Our automobile reviews and live comparison tests provide a unique car buyer's guide for new car pricing to give you an accurate idea of which vehicle fits your specific driving needs.

We do road tests of high performance cars and automobiles with experienced suv drivers performing advanced track driving maneuvers.

AutoWorld provides spreadsheets of car data including: acceleration, braking, handling, top speed, 1/4 mile, quarter mile, slalom, skidpad, performance statistics. Get charts of performance car test results.

Our car directory includes compact cars, family sedans, sports cars, luxury cars, sports sedans, and exotic cars. We work with car magazines and automobile magazines to showcase the best aftermarket auto accessories and performance parts for your custom vehicle. We regularly review SEMA performance accessories and perform performance testing on these specialty automotive aftermarket accessories for aspring amateur drivers.

Auto World is a car discussion forum powered by vBulletin. visit the auto forum to throw your hat into the car talk ring.

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